How to find and search the Deimos armored personnel carrier in Starfield

How to find and search the Deimos armored personnel carrier in Starfield

Starfield has many systems consisting of multiple planets and moons. It’s easy to lose sight of things. The Deimos Armored Transport is a cool location that you can explore early in the game. It’s not a priority, but you won’t want to ignore it for too long. Here’s our guide telling you how to find and search Deimos’ armored personnel carrier in Starfield.


Starfield – how to find and search Deimos’ armored personnel carrier

The armored transport “Deimos”  is a drifting vessel of enormous size. You can explore it and find some good loot, although you won’t be the first to arrive on the scene. To find and loot the Deimos armored personnel carrier, locate it in the  Alpha Centauri system  . Board the Deimos armored transport in orbit near Grissom and access the computer at the far end to open the vault near the area entrance.

Find the Deimos armored personnel carrier

You will find the Deimos armored transport in the Alpha Centauri system. This is the same system you start the game with. It includes planets such as  Jamison  and the city  of New Atlantis  . Open your  star chart  and select  the Alpha Centauri system  if you haven’t been there yet. Then target the planet and moon to the left of the system’s star. If you move the cursor, you can select  a ship location  , which will place you in front of your destination after fast travel.


Once you are in space,  the Deimos armored transport  should be floating directly in front of you. Give your ship some engine power and head towards it. As you approach, dock  and  then  board  to gain access to the vacated vessel.

Find the Deimos armored personnel carrier storage facility.

You find yourself in a room with doors on the upper and lower levels. Go through the bottom door and find  a computer  with an SOS message explaining why the ship was abandoned. Go through the door and find the  Crimson Fleet pirates  trying to gain access to  the vault  . If you, like me, have joined the Crimson Fleet faction, none of the people you meet on the ship will be hostile. Be aware of the storage location as you will want to return to it later.

For now, go left from the vault and go through the open door. By this point, you’ve probably already experienced a change in gravity. Sometimes it works as expected. Sometimes you have to float in zero gravity. These changes happen periodically as you continue to explore, so get used to them. Try to position yourself close to the platform when your position changes from weightless to heavy to avoid falling a long distance and breaking  or  dislocating  a limb  . I may or may not have learned this the hard way.

Explore the Deimos armored transport

Continue along the corridors. Turn left and get to  the elevator shaft  . The elevator doesn’t work. However, look up to find an opening. When gravity allows, you can climb up the shaft and into a higher corridor. Just remember which button or key goes up (  Y  on my controller) and which goes down (  B  on my controller).

Follow the hallway you come to near the top of the elevator shaft. Enter the door at the end. Follow the next corridor as it curves around and descends into the lower area. Here, changing gravity also affects whether the two large fan blades in the horizontal passage in front of you rotate. Wait until they stop spinning, then quickly move through them, following the corridor.

Rob the Deimos armored personnel carrier

Look to the left past the huge fans. You should see a large broken pipe (see screenshot above). Go through the hole and go down the stairs. Go through  the hatch  at the bottom of the stairs. In the next area, look for  a computer  in front of a large window. Access this computer and select  Open Door  .


Finally, go back to where you found the locked vault door, near the entrance to the ship. The door is now open and the Crimson Fleet crew are inside the vault. Wait until you become weightless. Then swim to the top of the room to find a ledge with a trap door. Open the hatch to find a chest containing your reward. In my case the output was as follows:

  • Bogdonova Liquor Boutique (box set)
  • O2 Boosted Balanced Advanced Pirate Raid Pack
  • Credits (2904)
  • Impact grenade
  • Digipic
  • Platinum (7)

Not a bad catch! Now you have accomplished what you came for on the Deimos armored personnel carrier. Go ahead, come out with your loot and continue your main adventure.

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