How to find Crete in Starfield

How to find Crete in Starfield

When you first turn on the Starfield and complete the post-mining tutorial fight, you’ll be tasked with getting rid of the Crimson Fleet in Crete. This should show you how to travel to different places and mainly how to control your ship. Below we will provide you with several ways to easily get to Crete.


Where is Crete in Starfield?

Crete is incredibly close, located in the Narion system and orbiting the planet Anselon. For those who still need further assistance, more information is provided below. I remember I wasn’t quite sure how to get to each star system at first either, and Crete is where you usually go after the prologue.

Do this to quickly get to Crete:

  1. Open  menu
  2. Select the option in  the top left  to go to the star map.
  3. From there, scroll to  star systems.
  4. Select  the star Narion  , which should have a blue hexagon next to it if that’s part of your mission.
    • you can just go straight to Anselon and then go to the Moon, but that takes more time
  5. Find the planet Anselon and then select Crete, the moon.

Once you complete these steps, you will be able to access Krit in the Starfield and continue your mission. Alternatively, you can simply take off in your ship and then find the mission marker on the map in space. If you target this mission marker, it will give you the ability to travel. If you press Travel while looking at a mission marker, you will head straight to the planet or area you need to go to.

What planet and star system is Crete on?

Crete is located in the Narion system, in the orbit of the planet Anselon. You can find Crete near where you start. You also start in Anselon, but specifically on Vector, which is another moon of Anselon. No need to worry about using the gravity drive on your first mission.

What should I do after I defeated the space pirates in Crete?

Once you complete the mission that requires you to travel to Crete, return to Barret on Vector, Anselon’s moon in the Narion system. Use the same method as above to find Vectora and go almost anywhere.

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