How to fix “Can’t play on PS5” error in MW3

How to fix "Can't play on PS5" error in MW3

Trying to upgrade to MW3 but can’t because you get the “unable to play on PS5” error? We’re here to help! Sometimes it may look like GOLDFLAKE or PUGET – ATLUS – Whatever specific error code you are getting that is stopping you from playing MW3 on PS5, we have created this guide to help resolve your issues.


Fixed all MW3 “Unable to play on PS5” errors.

There’s really nothing worse than trying to play a MW3 game and being blocked by an impenetrable wall of error codes. If you can’t play MW3 on your PS5 due to an error code, here’s  what you need to do  .

Check your internet

It’s likely that the error you’re getting is due to server problems, which means it’s connecting. Make sure the MW3 error is not on your side  by checking your Internet connection  .


To do this, I recommend  checking your WiFi and router  . Make sure both are working correctly. Then, if possible,  run a network cable  from the router to the device. This is the only way to be sure that the problem is with your Internet connection.

Download all MW3 files.

If the problem is not online, the next thing you need to do is confirm that  you have downloaded all MW3 files  . To do this, you need to launch the Call of Duty game, which is called Call of Duty HQ.

Once here, press the select button and go to settings. Select “File Management”. Next, make sure you  download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3  . I would recommend downloading MW2 and Warzone as well, as I’ve had errors where not all of those files load.


Check MW3 server status

After that, the next thing you can do is  check the MW3 servers  . The best way to do this is on the official Activision website. They have a section for Modern Warfare 3 and this is where you will see if the server is running on your platform.

Please wait for Activision to fix the issue.

If you have tried all the above fixes without success, the only thing you can do is  wait for Activision to fix the MW3 servers  .

The servers themselves can be subject to DDoS attacks, which is all too common these days. I suggest following Call of Duty updates on Twitter (or X) to  stay up to date  with what’s going on with MW3.

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