How to Fix CS2 Constantly Crashing in the Middle of the Game

How to Fix CS2 Constantly Crashing in the Middle of the Game

How to Fix CS2 Constantly Crashing in the Middle of the Game

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) players were facing a major issue with their game freezing and crashing mid-matches, causing many players to also hit competitive cooldowns.


CSGO turned into CS2 and most of the players switched to the newer version of the game. However, some things remain the same in CS2 as we see several old CSGO issues reoccurring in CS2 as well. One of the most annoying problems that CS2 players have encountered is CS2 crashing mid-game. In this guide, we will show you everything you can do to fix this problem.

Why does CS2 keep crashing in the middle of the game?

If you’re upset that your game suddenly closes while you’re in a tense duel, you’re not the only one. Many players have already reported similar experiences. The root cause of this issue is still unknown as there has been no official communication from the developers regarding this issue. However, the community has identified some likely causes, namely:

  • Equipment incompatibility.  This issue can be seen if your hardware is not compatible with CS2. Often, players try to run the game with characteristics below the minimum CS2 system requirements. If you have one of these cases, it is highly likely that your game is crashing mid-match due to hardware incompatibility.
  • Pending Driver Updates:  Many players are reporting that they are facing this error after updating their drivers, mainly the Nvidia graphics driver. This may occur due to CS2 incompatibility with the latest Nvidia driver.
  • Overheating and background applications.  Sometimes, if your computer overheats, some applications keep freezing and crashing automatically. Additionally, if you don’t have enough RAM or enough storage, background applications can also cause your game to crash.

How to fix CS2 crashing constantly in the middle of the game

There are many methods to fix this problem. However, here are the best methods that you can try to solve this problem on your end.

  • Meet the minimum system requirements to play:  Check the minimum system requirements to run CS2 on PC and make sure you have compatible hardware. If necessary, you can upgrade your equipment according to the game’s recommendations.
  • Rolling back driver updates.  If the latest driver update is causing any problems in your game, you can always uninstall the latest driver and install the previous one manually. This will undo driver updates and could potentially resolve the issue.
  • Control temperature and background applications.  Install thermal management apps on your computer to constantly monitor the temperature of your processor. It is recommended to install a liquid fan along with the processor if you are facing severe overheating issues. Also, close any apps running in the background from the Task Manager to make sure they aren’t causing you any problems.
  • Contact CS2 support.  If none of the solutions mentioned work, you can contact CS2 support by leaving an email at:
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