How to fix CS2 microphone not working

How to fix CS2 microphone not working

Many players are reporting that their microphone is not working in Counter-Strike 2. After doing a little research, I found a few fixes that have worked for other players. So here is my advice on how to fix the microphone not working problem in CS2.


Fixed all CS2 microphones not working.

It turns out that the CS2 has a very high volume gate that keeps the sound muted until your input signal is loud enough. Most people experiencing microphone problems with the CS2 have found that increasing the input volume solves the problem. Also, make sure you’re using the correct Push-to-Talk keyboard shortcut, select the correct microphone in Steam, and turn on Optimized Push-to-Talk.

Increase the microphone volume

The first thing you should do is  increase your microphone volume  . Many people reported that this fixed microphone problems in CS2.


To do this, click the Windows button and find Control Panel. In the open Control Panel window, select Sound. In the new window, go to the Recording section, right-click on the microphone and go to Properties. Go to Levels and make sure your microphone level is set to 100. Then  increase your microphone volume by +20 dB  .

Enable “Simplified Push-to-Talk”

Hopefully this has fixed the microphone issues in CS2, but if it doesn’t, launch CS2 and go to Settings. Go to the Audio section and scroll down to  the Optimized Push to Talk setting  . Switch it to Yes.

Some players have found that this setting solves CS2 microphone problems, so it’s worth a try.


Confirm the CS2 microphone key binding.

How to fix CS2 microphone not working

Once you open CS2, you should also make sure that you are using  the correct key combination  to use the microphone. Counter-Strike 2 only has a “Push to Talk” feature, so you need to hold down a specific key when you want to communicate in CS2.

Go to Settings, then Keyboard/Mouse. Scroll down until you see  the Use Microphone key binding  . Switch it to something simple and accessible, like V or maybe one of the mouse buttons.

Check your microphone settings in Steam.

The last thing you can do to get rid of a broken microphone in CS2 is to confirm that your microphone settings in Steam  are good.


To do this, click the Steam button in the upper left corner and open settings. In the new window, go to the Voice section. Here you can make sure your voice input device is working properly and  your input volume is set to 100%  . I also recommend leaving the Steam microphone setting set to Open Mic so you can control which games you want to use the Push to Talk feature and which games you want to use the open mic.


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