How to get a free Kepler ship in Starfield?

How to get a free Kepler ship in Starfield?

Starfield allows you to fly among the stars and land on distant planets in search of secrets. You’ll likely fight pirates and mercenaries along the way, so it pays to have a well-resourced ship. Many of these ships cost a ton of credits, but some of them can be obtained at a bargain price, which is nothing at all. Here’s our guide telling you how to get a free Kepler ship in Starfield.


Starfield – how to get a free Kepler ship

Most of the ships you’ll find in the game are Class A ships, but you’ll also encounter some Class C monsters. You can even get one for free. To get a free Kepler ship, complete the Overdesigned mission, where your choices will determine which free ship you get.

How to get a free Kepler ship in Starfield?

To begin the Overdesigned mission, talk to Walter Stroud at The Lodge. He won’t be able to say anything significant unless you have completed the mission  “Everything Money Can Buy”  and the short mission  “Star Born”  that immediately follows it. After completing these missions, you will receive the task  “Action – Talk to Walter”  . Talk to Walter and agree to help him figure out the design problems his team is facing. This will activate the  Overdesigned mission  .

Start by heading to the Narion system. This is near the  Alpha Centauri system  where you spoke with Walter. Just look at the top right corner  of the star chart  . Once you arrive in the  Narion system  , set a course for  Dalvik  . It is a satellite of the large planet  Deepala  . In its orbit you will find  the Stroud-Eklund Staryard  , which will be your destination.

At the Stroud-Eklund shipyard, go to the meeting room. When you arrive, talk to  Jules  . Walter will inform you in advance that you are in charge. I suggest saving your progress before starting this process. This way you can restart the game if something goes wrong. You can also use an alcoholic drink such as  bourbon  to temporarily improve your  persuasion skills  . Wear an outfit like  a fitted business suit  if you have one to achieve the same goal. I forgot what I was doing and accidentally put on  a swimsuit  , but I still succeeded.

Your first task is to set a budget.  You want to take a “kitchen sink” approach to secure the best ship, the  Kepler R. This is why your persuasion skills are essential.

How to get a free Kepler ship in Starfield?

How to get a free Kepler ship in Starfield?

After a large budget is approved, you have new tasks. The mission board is located next to the meeting room. However, before checking this, you should talk to the board members. Show your approval for each of their ambitious projects. When you talk to everyone,  including Jules  , the mission objective will be marked as completed.

After talking with the designers, accept and complete any two missions from the nearest board. Choose the simplest ones to speed up the process. The game offers you to complete  a passenger mission  and  a reward mission  . However, I just took care of two passenger missions because I was in a hurry. The game will only allow you to take on one passenger mission at a time, but you can fast travel and complete each one quickly.

After talking with the designers and completing your missions, meet with Jules again. This is a turning point in the mission that can determine which ship you end up getting. You will receive your reward when you return to the Lodge to talk to Walter. You get  12,500 credits  ,  200 experience  and one of two possible ships. When I completed all the team building exercises, I received  the Kepler R  (C class ship). When I asked everyone on the team to compromise instead, I ended up with  the Kepler S  (a B-class ship), which is still pretty good, but not the same.

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