How to get a unique Tempest rifle in Starfield

How to get a unique Tempest rifle in Starfield

The Crimson Fleet questline in  Starfield  is long and leads to significant changes. By the end of the last mission, you have two options: join the pirates and go on fun adventures, or remove them from the galaxy as part of UC SysDef. The rewards you earn depend on the option you choose. But you can get by with a little more. Both sides can lay claim to special weapons. And if you go with the good guys, you can take the unique Tempest rifle with you and go on adventures  in the Starfield  .


To get the Tempest rifle, you need to side with UC SysDef  . This is pretty much the reverse of the route you would take if you wanted the Unfair Advantage pistol. It’s right. “The Tempest” belongs to the leader of the Crimson Fleet pirates, Delgado  . And if you want the gun, you’ll have to snatch it from his cold, dead hands.

Kill Delgado and receive the unique Tempest rifle.

However, getting to Delgado is not an easy task. You attack the Defense Batteries first, keeping the Key moderately safe from attack. When they fall, you will engage directly in battle with the dirty space pirates. After destroying the pirate ships protecting the Key, you can board the space station and make your way to its big boss. There are plenty of pirates and robots standing in your way, but in my experience, they are all severely allergic to bullets. You will succeed.


Once you reach Delgado, you can talk to him through the bulletproof glass. He’s angry, obviously. You stole the Legacy from him and gave it to the good guys. Why should he be happy? He also appears to have taken Commander Ikande’s homework and copied it. He set the Key to self-destruct. Your conversation moves to two options: convince Delgado to cancel the self-destruct and surrender or die in battle. Select the Attack option  . Persuading him to cancel the self-destruct results in his arrest, and you miss the chance to get his gun.

Battle for the Galaxy

After the battle begins, the door to the reactor room opens. You need to follow the quest markers to shut down three reactors while fighting off pirates and bots. Once you have all three, Delgado will attack you. Kill him and take the unique Tempest rifle from his body. Be sure to take his clothes and the advanced corsair pirate suit with you. Once you’ve done this, take Delgado’s password back to his office and disable the self-destruct. You can also use the computer terminal to disable the bomb in Shinya Voss’s chest. It’s up to you.

The unique Tempest rifle may not be the best weapon in  Starfield  , but it certainly isn’t terrible. A rare Freestar collective weapon, it deals 27 physical damage and boasts the Hand Load perk. Whether or not he speaks your language, it’s an excellent reminder of a mission well done.

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