How to get a unique Unfair Advantage pistol in Starfield

How to get a unique Unfair Advantage pistol in Starfield

You’ve reached the end of the Crimson Fleet questline in  Starfield  , and now you have a final choice to make: side with UC SysDef or live like a dirty pirate. Any of the options entails unique consequences, as well as a substantial monetary reward. But only one way can give you a unique Unfair Advantage pistol in  Starfield  , and we know how to do it.


At the end of the Eye of the Storm mission, you need to make a choice. If you join forces with UC SysDef, you will engage in the final battle with the Crimson Pirates by attacking their base, The Key. But this will prevent you from ever getting this weapon. To get the Unfair Advantage pistol in Starfield, choose to side with the Crimson Fleet  .

The Unique Advantage pistol can only be obtained by joining the Crimson Fleet in  the Starfield.

Now that you have raised the banner, you must fight and defeat UC SysDef. The battle eventually reaches the Key, where you fight Commander Ikande of the UC Vigilance. This is an uphill battle, make no mistake. Once the battle is over, you can dock with the Vigilance, taking your new pirate buddies with you for… a friendly chat.

Once you reach the bridge, you will have the opportunity to talk to Ikande. He asks you why you betrayed him and UC. The answer doesn’t matter; he hates any reason. Oh, and you probably noticed the alarm. So Ikande set the ship to self-destruct. If you are confident in your persuasion skills, you can talk him out of this decision and get him to give it up, but wait. Don’t  try to talk Ikande into canceling his self-destruction; he’ll end up in jail. Instead, select the  Attack option  . The unique  selling point is Ikande’s gun, and you can keep it safe by removing it from his body  .

After killing Ikande, take the pistol from his corpse along with the command code: Ikande. Then take the command code: Toft from Lieutenant Toft’s body. Use both keys on the nearby command console and disable the self-destruct sequence. Your vigilance! No, wait. Sorry, just a pistol. Either way, it’s a great weapon.

Unfair Advantage Statistics


Unfair Advantage is a rare pistol in  Starfield  . This is a ballistic style revolver with impressive features. The weapon also has a Radioactivity modifier, allowing it to randomly deal radioactive damage to the target (causing demoralization). I’m not a big fan of Binary Trigger, so I’ll probably keep it as a trophy. But it could be right up your alley.

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