How to get Abyss Trekker in Starfield?

How to get Abyss Trekker in Starfield?

In Starfield, you have the opportunity to pilot a wide variety of starships if you so choose. Many of these ships serve one purpose particularly well. Some of them, for example, are good at transporting goods. Others, such as the Void Ranger, are particularly skilled in combat. Here’s our guide telling you how to get the Abyss Trekker in Starfield.


Star Field – How to Get Abyss Trekker

The Abyss  Trekker is a powerful C-class   ship.  It is equipped with powerful shields and can jump long distances, and supports a crew of up to six people. However, you need to find it first. To obtain the Abyss Trekker, purchase it from the Ship Maintenance Specialist in Paradiso.

How to get Abyss Trekker in Starfield?

You will find Paradiso in the Porrima system. On  the star map,  Porrima is a good distance to the right of  Alpha Centauri  , the system where the game begins. If you haven’t visited it before, you’ll have to reach several systems along the way (see screenshot above).


In the Porrima system, Paradiso is located on Porrima II. You can land right near Paradiso, a resort village. The  spaceport  has a ramp leading to a walkway leading to a multi-level hotel. However, you don’t want to leave the spaceport. Instead, find  a ship maintenance specialist  . He’s dressed a little differently than usual. I found him standing near the drawers with a tablet in his hands. I came at night, so I had to look around a bit to spot him.

How to get Abyss Trekker in Starfield?

Ship Maintenance Technician sells Abyss Trekker. A ship costs a lot of credits, although the actual number may vary depending on your skills. For me, the stated price was  340,271 credits  . That’s a lot of money, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a ship that’s better in combat situations until late in the game.

The Abyss Trekker has limited cargo capacity. It won’t let you secure contraband, so you should only invest if you plan on fighting your way through the galaxy. Otherwise, you may find that one of the several ships that you can purchase for free suits your purposes.

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