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How to get all 5 endings in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty?

How to get all 5 endings in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty?

Do you want to know what consequences your actions could have had if you had played Phantom Liberty a little differently, and how they would have affected the world of Cyberpunk 2077 as a whole? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Before we continue, it is important to understand that there are two main ways in which the story of Phantom Liberty unfolds. They lead to completely different final missions, each of which is difficult in its own way. If you want to go through both paths yourself, we recommend saving at the beginning of the quest “Judgment Day”.

Each of the two main storylines gives you two options to choose from, resulting in a total of 4 endings. Under certain conditions, your completion of Phantom Liberty may affect the completion of the entire Cyberpunk 2077 story . It’s a cinematic, well-executed finale that lasts over an hour.

We will deliberately not retell all the endings verbatim and will try not to go into the smallest details so as not to spoil your impressions of the game, but we will still have to reveal some important plot aspects, so there is no way to do without spoilers here.


How to get all 5 endings in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty?

Progress through the Phantom Liberty storyline until you reach the “Judgment Day” mission.

After infiltrating the stadium, you will talk with Colonel Hansen, after which you will head to the Neural Matrix . After hacking, you will be given a choice. Select “Help Jay escape.” Deciding to help her will lead to a chaotic escape from the stadium and the beginning of the Fading Star quest line, where you will get two ending options.

Reward: If you choose to help Jay escape during the Doomsday mission, you will gain access to this unique weapon regardless of your final choice:

  • Bald Eagle and Fang – pistol and throwing knife A unique iconic weapon that fell from the hands of Kurt Hansen after his murder. Hitting the legs with this pistol will cause massive additional damage. Stabbing an enemy with the Fang and then shooting them with the Bald Eagle will cause the knife to return to V.
  • Murphy’s Law is a one-handed baton. An iconic melee weapon. Dropped by Barghest’s minion who accompanied you to the stadium. Check his body before escaping.


How to get all 5 endings in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty?

At the end of the Fading Star mission, agree to help the exhausted Jay get to the shuttle that is heading to the Moon. Reed will be waiting for you there, during a dialogue with whom you can choose “get a weapon.” Kill him and complete the mission.

Reward: By choosing this path, you will gain access to one unique weapon and cyber implant:

  • Pariah is a powerful legendary pistol that can be picked up from Reed’s body after the final fight on the way to the shuttle.
  • The Quantum Regulator is one of the most useful cyber implants in the game. After you’ve helped Jay escape, wait until she contacts you again. She will mark the location of the cache on your map.

You can find out more about the capabilities of this cyber implant in our other article .


At the end of the mission “Fading Star”, select “Call Reed”, then pick up Jay and take her to the shuttle. This time, agree to give him Jay.

Reward: If you decide to make a deal with Reed by turning in Jay before boarding the shuttle, you will see the final scene at the border . The President will reward you with 30,000 credits and a medal.


Progress through the Phantom Liberty storyline until you reach the “Judgment Day” mission.

After entering the stadium, talk to Colonel Hansen. Then head to the Neural Matrix where, after hacking, you will be given a choice. Select “Help Reed catch Jay.”

When trying to catch Jay in the stadium and interacting with the Neural Matrix, you will have a confrontation with Kurt Hansen. After Jay’s escape, the mission “Hour of Confusion” will begin.

Reed will contact you and offer to call netrunners for help to ambush the Max-Tak convoy. After attacking the convoy, you will need to follow Jay to the crash site. After going deep into the old Militech bunker , you will be hunted by a robot guard controlled by Cerberus, who cannot be stopped. You will need to hack the central control terminal and disable the artificial intelligence , after which you will find Jay half dead. At this point you will have two options.

Reward: If you decide to help Reed during the Doomsday mission, you will also be able to pick up a Bald Eagle and a Fang from Hansen’s corpse. In addition, Hansen has the iconic Wild Dog machine gun . With this weapon, when you run out of ammo, you can use a powerful melee attack.


How to get all 5 endings in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty?

This is a particularly sad and dramatic ending. The girl will ask you to put her out of her misery. If you accept, you will essentially end the story without any further development.

Reward: No one will approve of your action, including the authorities, but you will still receive 5,000 credits from the president, if it consoles you.

Also, having found the drawings in the Militech bunker and neutralized the Cerberus robot , you can extract from it a special component, on the basis of which you can create one of the secret developments of Blackwall technology:

  • Erebus is a unique submachine gun with artificial intelligence that fires projectiles filled with dark energy that deactivates any cyber implants and equipment.
  • Cyberimplant Militech “Song” (ver.6) is an auto hack that spreads Blackwall’s corruption to a group of enemies.

You can learn more about the capabilities of Blackwall weapons and their creation in our other article .


This ending becomes available if you choose to keep Jay alive against her request. In many ways, it repeats the ending of “The King of Swords.” You also hand the girl over to Reed, for which you receive praise from the president himself.

Reward: Similar to the King of Swords ending, the President will reward you with 30,000 credits and a medal of honor. In addition, you can also find the blueprints and extract the memory component from the Militech-based robot to later create the aforementioned Blackwall weapon.


After completing Phantom Liberty, you will unlock a completely new ending to the Cyberpunk 2077 story campaign if you side with Reed in one of the above endings.

After completing the DLC, Reed will contact you, which will initiate a series of missions that will reward you with the Tower achievement. In fact, they will all be an intimate conversation with Reed about everything that happened and the future of V, which are accompanied by Johnny Silverhand’s philosophical conclusions on this matter.

Reward: The Tower achievement and a new alternative ending for Cyberpunk 2077.

Once the DLC is complete, you can skip to the ending immediately or continue playing. Be prepared that as soon as you meet Reed after completing Phantom Liberty, you will automatically fail all current unfinished quests, which will result in the end of the game, without the opportunity to travel around Night City any more.


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