How to get all Wisp Prime relics in Warframe (farming method)

How to get all Wisp Prime relics in Warframe (farming method)

Rejoice, fellow Warframe enthusiasts, because the long-awaited Wisp Prime has finally seen the light of day. It’s been a long time since one of Warframe’s most popular frames was released, but the time has come. Now we must all begin the long and tedious process of passing on this legendary Prime. I’ve been ready to do this for quite some time now, and if you need some guidance on how to get started, then you’ve come to the right place. Come. Learn the knowledge needed to obtain the legendary Wisp Prime.


How to farm Wisp Prime relics in Warframe

There are two different ways to get Wisp Prime:

  • Pharma method
  • Primary access method

< h3>Wisp Prime – Farming Method

If you want to farm Wisp Prime using Farming Mehtod, you will need Void Relics from the Abyss to do so. After all, the return on Prime frames is nothing like the return on regular frames. These relics contain a ton of potential loot, but your target is Wisp Prime, so you’ll want to maximize your chances of getting pieces of it as much as possible. Here are the relics you need:

  • Blueprint – Axi W3 (rare)
  • Chassis – Lith W3 (Rare)
  • Systems – Neo D7 (Regular)
  • Neuroptica – Meso K6 (uncommon)

Please note that the rarity of each relic listed does not refer to the relic itself, but to the Wisp Prime components. Also note that this is the probability of getting each component by default before refinement. To start farming, select Void Rifts in the Navigation section and select the location of the crack. Be sure to choose a crack destination that relates to the component you are trying to farm. So, if you’re going to get the Wisp Prime blueprint first, pick the Axis crack.

How to get all Wisp Prime relics in Warframe (farming method)

Once you do this, select the relic you are going to use. You’re looking for Wisp Prime, so be sure to use the Axi W3 Void Relic . Make sure Wisp Prime Blueprint is listed as a potential completion reward.

How to get all Wisp Prime relics in Warframe (farming method)

Repeat this process, choosing the correct relic for each component each time, until you have all four pieces of Wisp Prime. Gather the materials listed in your foundry and craft the chassis, systems, and neuroptics. Once these three are completed, start building Wisp Prime using the blueprint you received. This will take a while unless you use Warframe’s in-game currency, Platinum, to speed up the process. Voila! Wisp Prime.

Wisp Prime – Prime access method

How to get all Wisp Prime relics in Warframe (farming method)

If farming Wisp Prime is too boring for you, there is a second, expensive method you can use to get Wisp Prime right now. Prime Access is functionally a time-limited event that occurs when a new Prime Warframe is released. Wisp Prime is no exception, and therefore can be obtained for hard earned money. Below are two purchase options that allow you to instantly receive Wisp Prime:

  • Wisp Prime Access – Wil-O-Wisp Pack – $79.99
  • Wisp Prime Access – Sol Gate Pack – $139.99

If you buy any of these sets, you’ll receive Wisp Prime, who is also boosted by the Orokin Catalyst, as well as her signature weapon, some platinum, and various other cosmetic trinkets. As a recommendation for those going this route to get Wisp Prime, buy the Wil-O-Wisp version. The extra goodies are hardly worth the extra cost.

Where to find all Wisp Prime Relics

If you don’t have the Void Relics needed to farm Wisp Prime, you’ll need to get them first.

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