How to get and transport Aurora to Starfield

How to get and transport Aurora to Starfield

All the stimulants and chemicals you can get in Starfield can enhance and strengthen your character. While you should be aware of stimulant addiction, one of the most illegal stimulants in this game is Aurora. It’s hard to find and will set off any contraband alarms if you’re not careful. Luckily, I’m here to help, and here’s how you can obtain and transport Aurora to the Starfield.


Starfield: where to buy, make and ship Aurora

There are two ways to get Aurora in Starfield. The first way is  to buy it from the Astral Lounge in Neon  , and the second is  to learn how to create it  . First let me explain how you can actually buy this illegal chemical.

Where to buy Aurora in Starfield

You need to go to  the city of Neon on the Volia planet Alpha  in the Volia system. Find the Astral Lounge, it’s at the far end of the main strip. You can’t miss this bright sign. Once inside,  talk to the bartender and he will sell you some Aurora  . But what exactly does Aurora do?

This stimulant is addictive and is a hallucinogen that is only allowed in Neon. If you eat it,  time slows down by 40% for 10 seconds  . In the middle of a fight, this is a pretty handy drug that can be used to gain an advantage and slow down time. But again, be careful not to get the Stimulating Addiction status effect.

How to create an Aurora in Starfield

If you don’t want to keep buying it, you can create it yourself! There is only one way to learn how to create an Aurora – not through the Research Laboratory. On your first trip to Neon, before you enter the city, you will encounter a confrontation. Neon Security arrests someone named Neshar, and  if you talk to him at the Neon Security headquarters inside the prison cells  , you will activate the Loose Ends quest.

This quest will lead you to  research the production of this stimulant  . The quest moves on to another one called “Fish Business”, in which you will learn all the intricacies of creating an Aurora. By the end of this quest chain,  you will learn how to create Aurora in pharmaceutical laboratories  ! The recipe is a little more complicated than you think:

  • x1 Benzema
  • x1 Stimulator
  • x2 Hallucinogen
  • x1 Chasmbass oil

This  Chasmbas oil  is quite rare and you can buy it from the Trade Authority or various Neon vendors. If you want to get your hands even more dirty, you can go fishing and get some oil instead. Go down into the water from the Xenofresh laboratory where you first created Aurora. You should see  Chasmbass fish swimming around  . Fall down and kill the fish to get some Chasmbas Oil!

How to transport Aurora to Starfield

Aurora is highly  illegal outside of Neon  . If you try to take that out of Neon, you’re screwed. The guards will stop you before you can leave. The trick here is to avoid the guards altogether. Luckily, there is a very simple way to do this.

Head to  the Abbeside area of ​​Neon and look for the nearby stairs  . Continue up the stairs until you reach the very top of Neon. From there, find where your ship is and you can  jump down and over the guards. Be sure to use your boost pack to get there quickly and safely. If you want to get rid of your Aurora, your best bet is  to sell it to the Trade Office.


Storing contraband like Aurora in your spaceship isn’t easy, especially when you’re traveling between planets.

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