How to get Buzzsaw in Cyberpunk 2077

How to get Buzzsaw in Cyberpunk 2077

There are many weapons to unlock and purchase in Cyberpunk 2077. Unlockable weapons can be found during quests and can be skipped, but most of the time you can go back and collect them. The Buzzsaw is a powerful tier 5 submachine gun that you can obtain by scanning the NCPD scanner.


Where to find the Buzzsaw crafting saw in Cyberpunk 2077

Travel quickly to Pershing ST , located in the Watson area (see map). Once you reach your destination, turn around and walk down the street to reach the billboard shown in the second image. At the intersection, turn right and follow the road leading to the basement. Eliminate the threats at the entrance and inside the basement and go left from there (see fourth image).

There you will meet several more wanted enemies, including Elena Sidorova. Eliminate the NPC and take the circular saw from her body. This item will not add a weapon to your inventory as it is just a recipe. To use it, you need to manually create an SMG.

How to Craft a Buzzsaw Submachine Gun in Cyberpunk 2077

After receiving the Buzzsaw crafting spec, open your Inventory and click on the Crafting tab like I showed in the first image. Then scroll down until you find the Buzzsaw Power submachine gun. Click the Create button to craft the weapon if you have the required ingredients, after which it will be automatically added to your inventory. Ingredients needed to make Buzzsaw SMG:

  • Level 1 Item Components : 100
  • Level 2 Item Components >: 75
  • Level 3 Item Components : 55
  • Level 4 Item Components : 35
  • Level 5 Item Components : 15

Where to find item components in Cyberpunk 2077

Obviously, you need Item Components for crafting in Cyberpunk 2077. These items can be collected over time during the game and can also be purchased from merchants in Night City. As you explore and complete quests, be sure to pick them out from enemy bodies and loot boxes . I prefer to salvage the useless clothes and weapons in your inventory to add item components. The higher the rarity of the item you disassemble, the more high-quality components you receive.

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