How To Get Cosmetic Material In Starfield

How To Get Cosmetic Material In Starfield

Want to upgrade your gear items in Starfield? Well, you are at the right place as we will help you obtain Cosmetic, a material you will need to upgrade virtually everything in the game.

Where to find Cosmetic in Starfield

If you’re curious about the term “cosmetic” in Starfield, it’s important to clarify that it’s not a product for applying makeup to your character. Instead, cosmetic serves as a crafting resource for various items and is integral to research projects. Regrettably, you cannot craft cosmetic items; you’ll need to acquire them through discovery or purchase from various sources.

For those seeking a quicker route, you can utilize the Cosmetic ID 55A8 in Starfield console commands to obtain the item through cheating. However, I’ll also guide you through alternative methods to easily find cosmetics in Starfield for upgrading your gear items.

Where to buy cosmetics

Most resource materials are available at the different vendors on different planets in the game. Here are some of the best vendors in Starfield where you can buy Cosmetic material:

Vendor Name Location
Jemison Mercantile New Atlantis, Planet Jemison
Denis Averin Cydonia, Planet Mars
UC Distribution shop New Atlantis, Planet Jemison
Trade Authority Neon City, Volii Alpha

Certain merchants in Starfield may require you to attain a particular level before you can buy Cosmetic Material. Each unit of Cosmetic Material you acquire will come at a reasonable price of 8 Credits.

In case you encounter a situation where Cosmetics are unavailable in any of the mentioned stores, simply take a break for approximately 24 hours, then return to the vendor.

Investigate and harvest cosmetic from living things

Cosmetic material in Starfield is classified as an organic resource, indicating that it can be generated by the planet’s flora and fauna. Whenever you explore a planet, it’s advisable to scan the biological entities. This not only contributes to achieving a 100% planet survey score but also results in the accumulation of a substantial amount of Cosmetic Material.

Loot from defeated enemies and containers

Defeating enemies can yield various types of resources, including the possibility of obtaining Cosmetic material in Starfield. An effective strategy for accumulating resources without expenditure involves raiding enemy ships and pilfering items from their containers. Additionally, you can explore abandoned settlements, outposts, and supply posts to loot containers and discover Cosmetic resources in Starfield.

Starfield Cosmetic uses

Cosmetic Material in Starfield serves as an organic resource vital for crafting mods and enhancing your gear items. Cosmetic is utilized in the creation of Polytextile, an essential component for research projects, as well as for crafting helmet and armor mods.

Both research projects for Spacesuit Mods require Cosmetic, making it advisable to maintain a readily available stock of Cosmetic in Starfield. This way, you can promptly utilize it whenever the need arises.


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