How to get cosmetics in Starfield

How to get cosmetics in Starfield

Research projects and crafting play an important role in Starfield’s gameplay. To complete these two processes smoothly, players need to obtain certain items and minerals. While minerals can be mined and extracted by visiting multiple planets, collecting items for a crafting or research project can be challenging. Cosmetics are one such unusual item that you will need to collect to complete a few initial research projects. If you are not familiar with the mechanics of Starfield exploration, you will most likely be confused about how to collect this item. In this guide, we will provide you with all the locations and methods to collect cosmetic items in Starfield.


How to get cosmetics in Starfield

Buy from merchants

The easiest way to get cosmetics in Starfield is to buy them from merchants. Several vendors are available in different areas of the planets in the game. You can visit these merchants and find out whether they sell cosmetics or not. Retailers selling cosmetics typically have 20 units of product in stock. However, if you cannot find any item of cosmetics, be sure to visit the store again after 24 in-game hours to check whether the item has been restocked or not. Here is a list of vendors selling cosmetics in Star Field.

  • Jamison Mercantile – New Atlantis, Jamison.
  • UC Exchange – Cydonia, Mars.
  • UC Distribution Center – New Atlantis, Jemison.
  • Shepherd’s General Store – Aquila City, Aquila.
  • Clint’s Collectibles – Gagarin Landing, Gagarin.
  • Sieghart’s outfitters are Neon, Volii Alpha.
  • Denis Averin – Kydonia, Mars.
  • New Homestead Store – New Homestead, Titan.
  • General goods – Key, Suvorov.

Loots and drops

If you’re not willing to pay money for this item, you can always get Cosmetics from enemy drops, loot, and supplies. The best way to get drops is by killing enemies. You can always search the body of any dead enemy and find some valuable loot in it. Moreover, plants and animals in the Starfield also drop cosmetic items. However, stocking up on cosmetics by relying only on the free method will require you to spend a lot of time collecting enough of the item.

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