How to get CS:GO Prime for free

How to get CS:GO Prime for free

How to get CS:GO Prime for free? This question is on the lips of most new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players , especially since Prime status is the only thing that will allow you to dive into the process of gaining ranks in CS:GO and display your rank in the game.

The CS:GO PRIME system was added as a way to maintain competitive integrity in online gaming while providing casual players with a free way to enjoy one of the best competitive FPS games on the market. However, recent changes to the system – including one very specific item – continue to haunt players to this day.

So if you’re trying to figure out whether you can get CS:GO Prime for free to earn a rank and play competitive matches with friends, then read on – we’ve got all the answers for you in this handy guide.


Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to unlock CS:GO Prime for free. In June 2021, Valve made a number of changes to the game to protect the wide player base from the Smurfs. Most notably, the free Prime clause that allowed players to unlock status by reaching level 21 in the game was removed .

This is no longer available and now the only way to unlock CS:GO Prime is to purchase it from the Steam store.

Prime will allow you to compete in matches against all other Prime users in all game modes, and will also give you the opportunity to earn XP, titles and weekly drops, so if you play the game regularly and like the look of the best CS:GO skins, it’s worth it purchase.


The matchmaking system in Counter-Strike Global Offensive involves several different factors that determine who is matched with whom. Apart from trust factors, ranks and other characteristics, Prime Status is also an important factor that increases this value. Read below to learn all about Prime Status in CSGO, how to get it, and what value it can bring to your CSGO game.

CS:GO Prime is a feature designed to improve the CSGO matchmaking system and to treat players who have it with more rewarding rewards and benefits than what a regular CSGO account can provide. You have to pay for this. Each player can add Prime status to their account if they meet certain criteria, which we will cover below.

Having a CSGO Prime account means that you will only be able to play with other players who have the same Prime accounts. This means that you will always have better and less toxic players around you, you will increase your win rate and have much more fun playing CSGO.

How to get CSGO Prime status?

The only way you can get Prime status for your Steam account is by purchasing it. You can go to the Steam store menu, add the game to your cart and place your order. This will immediately enable Prime status. If you’re wondering whether you can delete your Prime account status, the answer is no. There is no reason to remove your Prime status as it protects both you and your opponents, providing a safer environment for matches.

Most people end up buying it for the benefits mentioned above. This advantage is the matchmaking status it offers to players. This is why Prime has become so popular among CS:GO players.

It may be time to start exploring whether Prime has benefits for you and your participation in competitive Counter-Strike Global Offensive matches.

Discounts on CS:GO PRIME

Many people are interested in the question of whether there are discounts for CSGO Prime status. The answer today is no. But the situation can change at any time. Apparently, the developers are afraid of an influx of cheaters or people who will then resell accounts.

What are the benefits of PRIME status?

As we’ve already said, all players who have CSGO Prime will receive significantly better matchmaking options. But why is this so and how? Because CSGO players who have Prime are rarely newbies or toxic players who just want to ruin your experience. Nobody will pay just to do this, since in regular CSGO matchmaking they can do it for free.

Prime status can be seen as a place where cheaters and toxic players are not allowed and rarely exist. This is why playing with a Prime account will greatly improve your gaming experience. But beyond that, CSGO Prime offers much more. You’ll often receive valuable rewards from special weekly Prime drops, such as souvenir items, special weapon cases , and more.

Having a CSGO Prime account will definitely improve your gameplay and enjoyment. This may not completely eliminate toxic players and cheaters, but you will certainly see a difference.

Prime matchmaking in Counter-Strike Global Offensive

As mentioned earlier, the Prime account is in a separate, more secure pool of match participants. Competitive ranks are in effect, but players are selected only based on holding Prime status in Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

This system was introduced in 2016, back when you had to pay to play. Back then, owners had to register using a mobile phone number, which deterred fraudulent players.

When the free-to-play model was introduced, it greatly increased the value of the game. Allowing players to play the game on any account that is not banned makes it easier to create smurf accounts or switch to a new account after a VAC ban. Remember, Prime status doesn’t protect you from being banned, so make sure you don’t get caught cheating.

If you break the rules, you may get a warning, but if VAC detects cheating software while playing CS:GO, expect to get banned. If you receive a ban for cheating , it can be permanent or last from several days to several weeks. Nobody likes cheaters, especially straight-up cheaters, so make sure you’re ok if you have a Prime account and don’t cheat.

Is Counter-Strike Global Offensive Prime worth it?

Worth it if you want to play competitive matchmaking and take it seriously. Prime status keeps cheaters and people who don’t take the game seriously at bay, helping you level up the game you play.

Whether you’re an old player or new to the game, Prime status will make your life a lot easier. If you’re someone who plays Counter-Strike Global Offensive occasionally, then you don’t need to get Prime now.

Can I remove Prime status from my CSGO account?

There is no way to simply undo the changes and remove your CSGO Prime status from your account. However, this doesn’t mean you can no longer play with your friends who don’t have Prime accounts. You can always join their party, but you will be playing with other non-Prime users.

Final Thoughts

The Counter-Strike franchise has been around for many years and continues to attract more and more players. Its competitive online play made it a multi-award winner and lasted for almost two decades.

So it makes sense that they created a game where players of all skill levels can be matched accordingly. This is where CS:GO Prime status comes in to help keep players safe. CS:GO Prime is VIP access to the game that allows you to play matches with other players who take Counter-Strike Global Offensive seriously. The main benefit is that you will encounter fewer cheaters.

Another factor to consider when becoming Prime is the additional skins and drops that are not available to other players. It gives you exclusive access to a number of rare souvenir drops and item boxes that you may not get if you don’t have Prime. You also get full, unlimited access to dedicated servers that are hosted only for Prime account holders. And finally, let’s not forget about the visible Prime badge on your profile, which you can show to friends and enemies.

I hope this answers all your questions about Counter-Strike Global Offensive Prime. If anything was missed, please let us know. You can read more about Prime status in CS:GO in the official Steam guide . A large FAQ on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will also help you .

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