How to get endless ammo in Resident Evil 4 remake

How to get endless ammo in Resident Evil 4 remake

In the Resident Evil 4 remake  , the enemies Leon fights are more terrifying than ever. They’re faster, more brutal, and can never seem to miss their damn hits, even though  Capcom had no way to hit them  . With everything stacked against you, it would be a relief to tilt the odds in your favor. Perhaps even to  an absurd degree. Luckily, Resident Evil 4 Remake  has ways to get infinite ammo, making difficult battles and boss encounters seem trivial.


Keep in mind that getting infinite ammo in the game  is not at all  trivial. This requires a lot of time and effort; you may end up deciding it’s not worth the fight. But if you’re stubborn and feel like you’ve mastered something worse, like the worst use of a straight sword hilt in  Dark Souls  , then read on.

Ways to get endless ammo in  Resident Evil 4 remake

The first step towards infinite ammo in  Resident Evil 4 Remake  is completing the campaign. Once you do this, you will unlock Pro mode, the hardest mode in the game. However,  simply  beating the game in Professional mode will not give you infinite ammo.


Once you unlock this mode,  you will need to replay the game in Professional mode and achieve an S+ rank  . And this is where things get scary. To achieve the coveted S+ rank, you must play a brand new save file (NG+ not allowed), complete the game on Professional mode in 5.5 hours or less, and save on Typewriter 15 times or less  . Completing this will earn you Cat Ears, and equipping them will give you infinite ammo in any playthrough of Resident Evil 4 Remake   with any weapon except the Rocket Launcher.

Another weapon with infinite ammo can help.

It sounds almost impossible, but there are ways to deal with it. First, it is recommended that you try to complete Professional mode once with an A rank. The requirements for achieving an A rank are more friendly: complete the game in seven hours or less. This unlocks the Chicago Sweeper, a powerful submachine gun. The weapon’s latest upgrade gives it infinite ammo  . With Sweeper in hand, play Professional again and put all your money into it. The weapon becomes a bullet hose, making an S+ rank more possible.

If you’re going through NG+ mode, you might want to save up for a specific prize. For 2 million pesetas you can purchase an Infinite Rocket Launcher from the Merchant  . The package says exactly what it says: a rocket launcher with infinite ammo. You will be unstoppable.

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