How to get gems in Haze Piece

How to get gems in Haze Piece

How to get gems in Haze Piece

Immerse yourself in the world of Haze Piece , where players hunt for various treasures. These are not quite ordinary treasures, but devil fruits, powerful weapons, advanced skills, various races and coveted accessories. However, among these treasures, gems are the main currency needed by players looking to obtain new devil fruits and unlock rare in-game items.

Earning gems using temporary rewards

Daily and hourly rewards

Logging into the Haze Piece game is not only the start of another adventure, but also a reward. Every time you enter the game, treasures await you. Specifically, on the third day, a generous reward of 50 gems appears in your inventory.

And if you are diligent and log into the game five days in a row, you will receive 150 gems. But the bounty doesn’t end there: along with gems, players can also discover other treasures, such as exp, money, or even mysterious random fruits.

Rewards for playing

In Haze Piece, time doesn’t just pass, it’s rewarded. The longer the player plays, the richer the rewards. These are not just rewards, but gift boxes that honor the player’s dedication. You can find precious stones in them, and if fortune is favorable, then legendary fruits, irreplaceable weapons or even a treasure trove. If the player is truly dedicated to his craft, then with a long passage of the game he can get even rarer treasures.

Rewards for staying in AFK mode

Think you’re unproductive when you’re away from your keyboard? Think again. In the realm of Haze Piece, the world of AFK, accessible through a shimmering yellow portal on most islands, showers players with gifts. For every quarter of an hour spent in AFK mode, your account will receive gems, money, some XP and maybe a few spins in the races.

Special in-game events and features


The land of Haze Piece is littered with enemies, but none of them are as challenging or rewarding as the super bosses. These are not ordinary enemies, they are a separate class, each of which sacrifices many items, including gems. While some bosses may be a little generous by offering 5 gems, others may reward you with up to 25 gems.

Along with sparkling gems, you can get formidable swords or exotic fruits. But be careful: To take on bosses, especially those that appear at specific times or are triggered by difficult puzzles, the player needs to be on top of their game, armed with unrivaled weapons and skills.

Quests and missions

Haze Piece is a land of stories, each of which unfolds through quests and missions. Some of these stories, such as the level 20 delivery quest, come with the promise of gems. Even the Start Island, which seems to be just a starting point, hides secrets. A random conversation with a specific NPC girl can lead you down a path strewn with gems.

Gifts and promotions

In a world where surprises are around every corner, the gifts in Haze Piece are the cherry on top. Although each gift is unique, the second and ninth gifts are rich in precious stones. In particular, the ninth gift promises generous loot – about 200 gems.

Be vigilant and keep an eye out for codes that you can use to get free gems. You need to be discerning and visit the Haze piece codes page frequently to avoid missing out on any opportunities.

For those who want to skip the wait and jump right into the game, Haze Piece offers gems in exchange for Robux. Depending on how deep your pockets are, you can purchase between 5 and 250 gems. This is a quick and easy way for those who want to enhance their gaming experience.

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