How to get Hard Target in Starfield

How to get Hard Target in Starfield

In Starfield you will experience many battles. So you will need not only a good weapon, but also the best one. The Hard Target rifle in Starfield is simply the best sniper rifle in the game, allowing you to be a devastating warrior from superior range. You won’t have to worry about enemies getting too close if they can’t get close at all, right? Here’s how to get Hard Target in Starfield.


Getting a Hard Target in Starfield

Hard Target is a ballistic rifle with base physical damage of 116, using .50 caliber bullets. There are two ways to obtain this powerful weapon. You can either wait and buy him or go and save him. It’s up to you how you acquire this amazing sniper, but you should make it your next priority.

How to buy Hard Target in Starfield

For those who want it immediately and have the funds to spare, purchasing Hard Target may be the best option. Once you reach level 30, the sniper will become available to you and you can purchase it from certain merchants. To purchase Hard Target in Starfield, visit:

The price will vary slightly between these sellers, but the weapon will cost around 20,000 credits. Great price for a big gun.

How to Find a Hard Target in Starfield

Alternatively, you can salvage a weapon from the corpse of a dead enemy similar to a high level boss. This method is a little bold, but will work over time. Enemies with high level boss status, such as captains, have a chance to drop a Hard Target. The most common method is to kill Captain Rasalhague II in the Rasalhague system.

Grav jumps into the system and goes to the bio-lab on Rasalhague II. You’ll have to fight your way through a bunch of tough enemies, so be prepared and quickly save every minute you get. The captain at the end of the Biolab is level 60, but I’m sure you’ll be fine. Reduce their health to critical condition and then make a quick save. This is in case he doesn’t drop a Hard Target after death.


If the captain didn’t drop the Hard Target, reload the last save and keep killing him until he does. Here it is! Your own difficult goal. You can repeat this process over and over again in hopes of getting epic legendary versions of these already incredible weapons.

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