How to get lube in Starfield

How to get lube in Starfield

Starfield has a long list of resources that players must collect to make space exploration easier. Apart from different minerals, players also need to mine different types of organic items for different purposes in the game. One of Starfield’s most important organic items is grease, which must be collected in order to modify weapons and begin several research projects. Crafting is one of the most important elements of Starfield gameplay. The lubricant needed in many of these crafting recipes is an important item to keep in stock. In this guide, we will show you every way to get lube in Starfield.


How to get lube in Starfield

Buy from merchants

The best way to get lube in Starfield is to buy it from merchants. Although this will cost you a small amount of credits, it is still the most viable solution since there are many merchants available on different planets. If you don’t find lube at your local store, check back after 24 in-game hours to see if they’ve been restocked. Here is a list of retailers we found who have the lubricant in stock.

  • UC Exchange – Sidonia, Sol.
  • Newill’s Products – Aquila City, Cheyenne.
  • Newill’s Products – Neon, Volia.
  • Jamison Mercantile – New Atlantis, Alpha Centauri.
  • Shepherd’s General Store – Aquila City, Cheyenne.
  • Outland Shop – New Atlantis, Alpha Centauri.
  • Denis Averin – Sidonia, Sol.
  • New Manor Store – New Manor, Titan.
  • Trade management – ​​Neon, Volii.
  • Trade Office – Aquila, Cheyenne.
  • Clint’s collectibles – Garagarin Landing, Garagarin.

Console command

If you’re playing Starfield on PC, you can get grease using one of the console commands available in the game. To get grease using a console command, enter the following input after pressing “`” on your keyboard.


player.additem 55BA [amount]. In the amount field, indicate the amount of lubricant you want to receive.

Apart from these methods, you can also get lube by searching the corpses of enemies. Moreover, the flora and fauna on different planets can also be a good source of Lubricant. Scan the planet and if you see grease in the list of available resources, go to the planet and look near the plants.

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