How to Get More Crew Seats in Starfield

How to Get More Crew Seats in Starfield

As you travel the galaxy in  Starfield  , your circle of friends (and enemies) will grow. Some of them (friends) you might want to take with you on your trip. But first you need to learn how to get as many people on your ship as possible.  There are ways to earn new crew seats in Starfield , giving you plenty of opportunities to fill the cold of space with warm conversation.


You can put points into the Ship Command skill to increase the number of “active crew members”,  but in my opinion, the most fun is to create. The most obvious way to get more crew spots is to search  the Starfield  for a better ship. While the wily Frontier is a good first choice, its default form doesn’t leave much room for action. You can have a maximum of two crew members, meaning three characters at first, including your own. Want to expand the list? Then it’s time for an update.

Build or upgrade a ship to get more Starfield crew seats  .

Go to the nearest spaceport and test your capabilities. As you progress through the game, you will be able to upgrade your ship using new, more powerful modules. But what you need to look for are cabins and living quarters  . These include the Crew Capacity statistic, which shows how many more people you can take with you. Some booths allow four, six or more new members. But keep in mind:  for higher quality parts you will need more powerful reactor and engines, which  can also increase  crew capacity  .

“Borrow” a ship for an indefinite period or buy it

Personally, I chose the easy way to get more crew spots in  Starfield  . I stole my ship, the Anthem of Varuun, which had the audacity to park on the same planet I was occupying at the time. I’m not a forgiving person. After freeing it from its captors, I upgraded it and painted it a beautiful space black and white (image above). The default Anthem team is four people, and I filled it out with some other Constellation members. If you don’t want to steal the ship, sell it at all spaceports in the game. You can buy this huge space beast with a six-seat crew for just 267,023 credits:

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