How to get Mother Tokens in Warframe

How to get Mother Tokens in Warframe

Mother Tokens are all the rage in  Warframe right now  , especially during the Night of Naberus event. During the event, they can be used to purchase special items that are otherwise more difficult to obtain. The rest of the time, they can be exchanged with Grandma for the all-important Entrati reputation.


How to get Mother Tokens in Warframe

There are two ways to get Mother Tokens in Warframe:

  1. Completing “Mother’s Rewards” and receiving them as a reward.
  2. Exchange resources with Granny in exchange for Mother Tokens.

How to complete Mother’s Rewards

You can visit the Mother in Nekralisk on Deimos. It will be approximately in the center of the building. Talk to Mother and you’ll be given a variety of rewards to choose from. They will reward you with various tokens and other resources depending on your level.

  • Level 1 – levels 5 to 15 – 12 mother tokens.
  • Level 2 – levels 15 to 25 – 36 mother tokens.
  • Level 3 – levels 25 to 30 – 42 mother tokens
  • Level 4 – Levels 30 to 40 – 81 Mother Tokens
  • Level 5 – Levels 40 to 60 – 118 Mother Tokens.
  • Level 5 (Steel Path) – Level 100 – 150 Mother Tokens
  • Level 1–10 Isolator
  • Level 2–15 insulator
  • Level 3–20 insulator

For most players, level 5 is the best time and reward to invest. You should be able to fly missions with a special group and collect 118 mother tokens every 5 minutes or so. Missions consist of several stages of simple tasks that you must complete. Clearing strong enemy waves will always be an important aspect, so equip yourself to deal with the Infected and you’ll be fine.

Trading tokens at grandma’s

If you visit Granny near the main spawn area, you can select the “Restore Family” option from her menu and exchange random resources for various family tokens. For example, in the image above, 27 Dagonic, 57 Enzyme Bubbles and 18 Dendritic Blastoma will give me 3 Mother tokens.

This is a good way to get a few extra tokens, but it’s definitely not the most effective. You can farm these types of resources during the game through contracts, and they can act as bonus income earned during the same game time. Also, don’t forget that there are a lot of changes coming to Warframe in the coming weeks, including a complete overhaul of Companions.

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