How To Get Rid Of Enemy Of Justice Condition In Baldur’s Gate 3

How To Get Rid Of Enemy Of Justice Condition In Baldur’s Gate 3

Enemy Of Justice Condition In Baldur’s Gate 3 labels you as a murderer and sets all your victim’s allied guards against you, is awarded to you after you kill a guard. The debuff only materializes if an observer reports the crime.

To keep someone who witnessed it from reporting the crime, you must murder them. Even if a lot of enemies and non-player characters stay asleep after being stunned, you can choose to take them out if you would prefer not to kill any more people. However, whenever they wake up from a long snooze, you may need to repeat the treatment. In this article we are exploring how to get rid of enemy of justice condition in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Remove the Justice Enemy Condition in BG3

Regretfully, the Enemy of Justice state is unchangeable. Although you will not encounter the condition unless you are playing as the Dark Urge or leading a criminal life, it might stop you in your tracks. If you get afflicted with the illness early in the game, there are a few known ways to conquer it.

Enter Act Two

You might be possible to get rid of the ailment if you enter Act Two too late after entering Act One and find out you have acquired it.

It puts a wall between your character and Act One occurrences, which can decrease the condition, though it is not always successful.

Kill Pandirna

A tiefling is imprisoned in a shed in the Druid Camp. Despite being unconventional, she frequently reports crimes that are committed, even though you did not know her, or she was not around when the crime was committed.

You will need to get into the shed and murder her to eliminate the Enemy of Justice status since she will be listed as a witness.

As clearing the goblin camp should save the refugees, the condition might arise, allowing Pandirna to talk to the guards outside the warehouse.

Should you become unable to escape the situation, you will have to go back to an earlier save point and eliminate Pandirna before confronting the goblin camp.

Reload A Prior Save

Reloading a previous save is the most efficient and secure method of removing the debuff. If you’re not sure what triggered the condition to activate, this will help you track back your movements and d How to resolve the Enemy of Justice bug

How to resolve the Enemy of Justice bug

In Baldur’s Gate 3, there is a known issue that causes the condition to be implemented automatically without your knowledge or consent. Larian has not yet resolved the issue. To help you till this problem is fixed, nevertheless, here are a few useful ideas.  

After murdering Priestess Gut or Minthara and clearing the Goblin Camp, you get the Enemy of Justice debuff.  advance the plot of your game and resolve the dispute between Tieflings and Druids, you must kill both of them.

There is a witness, someone is present inside the Goblin camp. You can start with getting rid of every goblin inside and leaving nobody standing. This way, you may be sure there were not any witnesses. Act 1 must be finished to prepare for your Underdark exploration in the second method.

Here, it would be more appropriate to proceed with the condition. This debuff will vanish once Act 2 is made available. Hold on a little while longer, then. One last thing you can do is return to a manual save if this circumstance significantly impairs gaming. Additionally, ensure that Priestess Gut is killed within the main room, away from any guards. Killing her within her sleeping chamber can quickly activate the Enemy of the State Debuff.

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