How To Get Rise of P Ending In Lies of P

How To Get Rise of P Ending In Lies of P

Rise of P is the true ending of Lies of P and unlocking it requires specific steps to take.

Lies of P Rise of P ending explained

The “Rise of P” ending essentially represents a playthrough of the game rooted in deception. In this path, you are required to consistently engage in deceitful actions in order to accumulate humanity points. The conclusion of the “Rise of P” ending bids a sorrowful farewell to both P and Sophia. To achieve this ending, Sophia’s demise is a necessary sacrifice, with P (or Carlo) forfeiting his own life and transferring his essence into Sophia. Ultimately, they reunite in what can be described as an “afterlife,” as evidenced by the graves near Alidoro in the game’s closing scenes.

To secure the “Rise of P” ending in Lies of P, you must actively strive to attain a specific level of humanity and complete certain designated tasks throughout the storyline. Each time you undertake these relevant actions, you will observe a prompt appearing, signifying P’s gradual acquisition of humanity.

There are four distinct levels of humanity, and you can readily determine your current level by consulting the in-game messages.

Level 1: Your Springs Are Reacting.

Level 2: The Ergo Is Whispering.

Level 3: You Feel Warmth.

Level 4: Your Heart is Pounding (Only becomes apparent after talking to Sophia in Ascension Bridge with high enough humanity prior)

How to unlock Lies of P Rise of P ending

As previously mentioned, achieving the “Rise of P” ending in the game necessitates a consistent commitment to deceit at every available opportunity. In addition to this, specific in-game choices will play a pivotal role in determining the outcome, which we will delve into shortly. However, let’s begin by examining the moments within the game where you can employ falsehoods to accumulate the Humanity required to access the “Rise of P” ending.

  • At the end of the Weeping Lady side quest in Elysion Boulevard, tell the old lady ‘She’s a cute baby’ after handing over the doll at the end of the quest.
  • Perform the Stalker’s Greeting for The Atoned when prompted near the cable car which leads from lower Moonlight Town to the Path of Misery.
  • Tell Alidoro in St Frangelico Chapel to go to Venigni Works.
  • Tell Alidoro now in Venigni Works to go to Elysion Boulevard.
  • Tell Julian the Gentleman ‘I saw the message she left, saying she loves you’.
  • Tell Antonia ‘Of course’ when she asks if she is still beautiful.
  • 7: Choose to ‘Show the Wedding Ring’ when Polendina asks if it’s possible for a human and puppet to fall in love. You get this by lying to Julian the Gentleman previously.
  • Tell Simon Manus, ‘Hope for a cure’ when he asks you what they are making
  • When Eugenie asks if the gloves made Alidoro happy, tell her ‘He was happy’.
  • When Belle asks about her partner, tell her ‘He was killed in action fighting a puppet’.
  • When Venigni asks What, or “who”, was behind the Frenzy, answer ‘I couldn’t hear’.
  • When speaking to Arlecchino in the Arche Abey, when he asks you what you are, answer ‘Human’.
  • When Geppetto asks you if he was a trustworthy father to you, answer No.
  • When Simon Manus asks what you did to Sophia, answer ‘I liberated her from Arche Abbey


In addition to these choices, there are alternative avenues through which you can accrue humanity, such as thoroughly listening to records at Hotel Krat. Below, we will delve into several other crucial steps and decisions you must make to attain the “Rise of P” ending in Lies of P.

Get Portrait of a Boy

This step is crucial for securing the ending. Progress through the Malum District, vanquish the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, and then proceed to the Town Hall. Upon entering, head into the room located to the left of the staircase. Interact with the item therein to collect it, and subsequently, return it to Geppetto at Hotel Krat.

Set Sophia Free

As you advance through the game and approach the Ascension Bridge, you’ll encounter Laxasia the Complete. Defeat her and continue progressing until you reach a substantial door. Here, a brief cutscene will unfold, revealing Sophia constrained in a chair.

Initiate a conversation with Sophia, and when the option arises, select “Give her peace.” This pivotal moment will significantly impact your progress toward achieving the “Rise of P” ending. If your humanity level was sufficiently high, you’ll notice a subtle greying of your hair following this interaction, signifying that you’re on the right path toward this ending.

Defeat Simon Manus, Arm of God

This step marks the penultimate stage in your journey toward securing the “Rise of P” ending in Lies of P. While Simon presents a formidable challenge, it’s essential to remain attentive to the subtleties of his tactics to secure victory. After defeating him and engaging in a conversation, he will caution you to exercise caution around Geppetto. This warning serves as our cue for the ultimate phase of this ending. Your next move is to board the central arena elevator, propelling you towards the final step required to attain this ending.

Refuse to give your heart to Geppeto

Upon reaching the arena’s depths, you’ll encounter Geppetto standing solitary in the center of the expansive space. Approach him and engage in conversation. After a brief exchange, Geppetto will request that you relinquish your heart to him. To secure the “Rise of P” ending, it is imperative that you decline this request. At this juncture, Geppetto will express his disappointment, setting the stage for a showdown against the ultimate adversary of the game, the Nameless Puppet. Triumph over the Puppet, and when the credits begin to roll, you will have successfully achieved the “Rise of P” ending in Lies of P.

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