How to get structural material in Starfield?

How to get structural material in Starfield?

You have finally started to create your dream base in  Starfield  , but suddenly you are stopped. Creating an outpost will require resources…  a lot of  resources. And you seem to be missing something that requires multiple items. Structural material is needed to build an outpost in  Starfield  , so you need a lot of it. But where can I get it?


Luckily for builders, structural material is one of the easiest resources to obtain in  Starfield  . Heck, if you’re a hobbyist collecting materials, you’re probably up to your neck in this stuff. I had to sell off excess inventory before it filled my ship when I first started playing the game. But if you’re here, you’re probably not exactly rich in material. Let’s find a few more so you can get back to building your outpost.

How to get structural material in Starfield?

Where can I collect structural material in Starfield?

You can find the construction material at many different factories in  Starfield  . Next time you’re on a planet, take out your scanner and look around. Some plants contain resources such as grease or fiber, but others offer a “Structural” material. Most likely these are solid plant matter, such as roots. So, “Structural (Root)” is exactly the material you need to find and collect.


It is found almost everywhere, with the exception of planets that have no life. If you have the Dream House trait, you can find the material in your backyard. The planet Nesoi has biomes called Savannah and Leaf Forest, where the Jagged Heart Leaf can be found. Collect it for Structural (Root).

I’d rather just buy it

You can purchase all the construction materials you need at almost any  Starfield store  . Walk into Jemison Mercantile or any general merchandise store and you’ll likely find it at a low price. I went to the Trade Office in Sidonia and found several pieces for only six credits apiece.


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