How To Get Tantalum In Starfield

How To Get Tantalum In Starfield

In Starfield, Tantalum is a vital resource that you can use for crafting powerful weapon and armor mods.

In the vast expanse of Starfield, beyond the quests, battles, and galactic exploration, you’ll encounter an array of minerals, including the elusive Tantalum. These minerals and ores differ in rarity and the crafting domains they serve.

Acquiring Tantalum may pose a bit of a challenge, but it’s certainly attainable. This guide aims to provide you with insights on where to procure Tantalum, how to obtain it, and the diverse applications it holds. Moreover, for those struggling to locate this rare organic resource, I’ll share a handy shortcut that instantly places the item in your Inventory.

Where to find Tantalum in Starfield

Considering the perceived rarity of Tantalum, you might be inclined to believe it’s a challenging item to locate. However, appearances can be deceiving. Tantalum can be found in numerous locations, and I’ll detail each one. The planets and moons within Starfield serve as the most prolific sources for this resource.

Harvest from Planets

Tantalum(Ta) in Starfield is abundant, spanning numerous planets and moons. Following are the planets and moons from which you can harvest or mine Tantalum.

  • Oborum II-a – Oborum Prime     
  • Aranae IV-a – AranaeHe-3,
  • Tidacha I-b – Tidacha      
  • Indum III-b – Indum H20,
  • Luyten’s Rock – Luyten’s Star     
  • Tau Ceti VI-a – Tau Ceti 
  • Guniibuu IV – Guniibuu 
  • Indum IV-d – Indum       
  • Nesoi – Olympus              
  • Indum I – Indum  

However, it’s important to note that you won’t just encounter Tantalum in Starfield; the mentioned planets and moons are also rich in Iron ores. Additionally, the majority of these celestial bodies within Starfield feature ample water resources. To extract Tantalum, equip your cutter and direct its laser toward the Tantalum rock. After a few seconds, the resource will be successfully harvested.

Buy from a Shop

Head over to New Atlantis, where you’ll discover Jemison Mercantile. Additionally, in Akila City on the Akila Planet, the Midtown Minerals Shop offers a selection of rare inorganic resources. For those exploring Volli Alpha’s Planet, Tantalum can be sourced from the Mining League vendor in Neon City.

Notably, none of the mentioned locations impose higher player-level restrictions, as they are accessible from level 1 to level 2. It’s worth mentioning that the availability of Tantalum in these shops may fluctuate at different times.

How to use Tantalum in Starfield

The majority of the applications of Tantalum are under Weapon and ammo crafting. Using Tantalum in the crafts can let you wield highly powered weapons. Tantalum is also used in bases and outposts.

Craft ammo and weapon mods

Tantalum gets consumed mainly in the crafting of Muzzle and Interal mods. If you prefer stealth, then the Stealth laser, Short Suppressor, and Suppressor Muzzle mods might be the ones for you to craft using Tantalum in Starfield.

If you want to apply Internal mods in your weapons, Tantalum will get you High-powered and Amplifier  Internal mods.

How to get Tantalum using Console Command

Acquiring Tantalum through traditional means such as buying or mining may at times feel laborious and unappealing to players. In such cases, Starfield offers a built-in Console/Terminal feature that allows you to obtain as many resources as you desire. To access Tantalum, press the ~ key located to the left of key one on your keyboard.

This action will activate the console. To successfully procure Tantalum, employ the following command: “Player.additem 556F 100.” In this command, 556F represents Tantalum, while 100 signifies the desired quantity of the item.

Should you desire more than 100 units, simply replace the number with a larger value, avoiding any decimal input, as it would render the command ineffective. Subsequently, access your Inventory, and you’ll discover Tantalum in the specified quantity entered in the console.

It’s important to note that utilizing console commands in Starfield will deactivate Achievements. However, there exists an Achievement Enabler mod to address this concern.

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