How to Get the God of Inequality Throw in Destiny 2 – Weapon Guide and Drop Locations

How to Get the God of Inequality Throw in Destiny 2 – Weapon Guide and Drop Locations

Now that Bungie’s obsession with discontinuing key pieces of  Destiny 2 content  has died down a bit, almost everything is in place, especially the return of old favorite gear from seasons come and gone. The Disparity Pulse Rifle from Season of the Seraph, for example, is an amazing example of this, as you can still quite easily catch it. In fact, we’ll give you even more: you can go so far as to  create  a Mismatch if you’re lucky and have a little foresight. However, as with most things in  Destiny  , the process is not as simple as many people hope.


First, though, some context: Disparity is a Häkke pulse rifle released in Season of the Seraph. For a long time, Bungie set things up so that if you weren’t around during the year that a given season was active, you had no real way to earn unique loot. Luckily, things have changed a bit since then, and you now have an official and easy way to catch that delicious four-bang bullpup.

How to get Disparity in 2023?

While obtaining the Guardian’s Law dual hand cannon is a challenge in itself, it is nothing compared to obtaining Incomparable in the Year of  Lightfall  . Notably, you’re stuck waiting for Xur or Banshee-44 to sell it! Indeed, if you’re currently hunting for Disparity, your only real option would be to keep a close eye on both of these providers’ respective loot pools, as they change weekly, and keep your fingers crossed.


There’s a good chance that Disparity  will eventually  show up in one of these two stores, allowing you to snag it, but we also have an additional recommendation for you: buy five copies of Disparity as soon as it appears if you’re a gun guy. This will allow you to invest five Deepsight Harmonizers into each copy of Disparity as you earn them. This will turn each Mismatch into a red-bordered weapon, and completing five of them will allow you to unlock the Mismatch as a permanently craftable Pulse Rifle.

Naturally, if you happen to be farming Mismatch during the Season of the Seraph, you have nothing to worry about! Once you have your own Disparity Pulse Rifle, you’ll want to know what perks to use, and that’s the next section of this article.

Inequality Pulse Rifle God Throw for PvP

Since it’s a four-shot pulse rifle, it’s no surprise that the Disparity is a phenomenal choice for PvP in  Destiny 2  . To achieve optimal performance, we recommend paying attention to the following benefits:

  • Corkscrew cutting
  • Tactical store
  • Criminal
  • Kill Clip (or Headseeker)

This setup turns your Disparity into a powerful and predictable weapon, ideal for mid-range combat.

Inequality Pulse Rifle God Throw for PvE

Pulse rifles aren’t necessarily ideal in PvE, but they can certainly hold their own, even in Grandmaster level content. To turn your Misfit into a mob-killing machine, select the following perks:

  • Pointer brake
  • Tactical store
  • Quick Strike
  • Madness (or One for All)

Additionally, some may want to focus on lower tier content, and since Disparity is a Stasis weapon, you can slot a Headstone into it, which is a lot of  fun  .

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