How to get the Starborn ship and armor in Starfield

How to get the Starborn ship and armor in Starfield

The star field is huge. To say that it is chock full of content would be an understatement. However, like any game, regardless of its content, there is a group of gold-plated items that everyone strives to obtain, and few in the community will ever make it. Whether it’s rare items or the best ones – or both – there are certain items that every player can boast about. There’s nothing better in Starfield than the Starborn ship and Starborn armor. However, getting them is no walk in the park and they will cost a lot more than your loans.


How to get a Starship in Starfield

Born Star ships are valued not only for their performance, but also for their unique appearance and behavior. You will feel like a real space explorer while enjoying the whimsical view of your ship.

Can you steal a star-born ship?

This is a Bethesda game, so you’ll probably want to steal everything you can. From sweet buns to succulents, everything is available. Or at least that’s what we all hope. Born Star ships, unfortunately, cannot be stolen. Even if you somehow manage to get onto the ship, the game will flatly deny you the opportunity to fly away on it. This is unpleasant to hear, but understandable.


Obtaining a star-born ship

So now that we’ve covered that you can’t steal a Bornstellar ship, let’s look at how to get one. Without spoiling the plot, all I will say is that you will receive the Starborn ship once you reach the New Game Plus (NG+) level. This means starting over. This is a huge expense and some players will find it unjustified. Others, however, will gladly give up their earthly possessions (cosmic possessions?) to obtain a Bornstellar Guardian. It not only looks cool, but also has excellent characteristics:

  • Reactor:  Class A – 22
  • Crew Capacity:  5
  • Jump distance:  30 light years.
  • Shield:  630
  • Solar lasers:  24
  • Torpedoes:  70
  • Case:  649
  • Cargo capacity:  950

As you continue to climb to higher NG+, some stats will improve. The reactor, crew capacity, fuel, jump range and payload will get better and better with each new Starborn Guardian expansion.

However, that’s not all you get for upgrading your save level.


How to get Bornstellar Armor in Starfield

The Bornstellar armor in the Starfield is obtained in the same way as the Bornstellar ship, the Bornstellar Guardian. By upgrading your game to NG+. Again, for the sake of spoilers at the end of the game, that’s all I’ll say. Unlike the ship, the armor not only gets better and better with each reset, but the appearance also changes, giving ambitious collectors another set of items.

There are new outfits all the way up to NG+10, and each costume doesn’t look different and has superior stats, but each will have different perks, allowing you to create a varied wardrobe of powerful costumes for any occasion. However, is it worth rebooting to get better costumes and a cool new ship?

Personally, I think this is a great alternative to starting a new save because you want to try out the game with a different build. Instead of resetting this way, just enter NG+ (if you can). This way you’ll also have a powerful and cool new ship and armor to help you out. If you don’t want to use them, then just having them is something.

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