How to get the sword of two dragons in Lies of P

How to get the sword of two dragons in Lies of P

Explore the exciting world of Lies of P and its varied arsenal of weapons, one of which is a powerful weapon called the Sword of the Two Dragons.

Lies of P is the newest addition to the Soulslike genre of games, putting the old story of Pinocchio in a darker light. This game features a variety of weapons of all shapes and sizes, including swords, daggers, two-handed swords and more. The sword category has weapons that boast high attack speed and impressive damage per second  making you both fast and strong. This is a katana-like weapon called the Sword of the Two Dragons

The Double Dragon Sword is such a great weapon that players often consider it one of the best weapons in the game. It boasts fast attacks, outstanding Fable Arts skills, high Technique levels, impressive range, and the ability to hit enemies hidden behind walls and corners.

Indeed, the Two Dragon Swords stand out among other weapons in Lies of P. It plays an important role in both Eugenia’s and Alidoro’s side quests. In addition, the advantages and characteristics of this weapon are so impressive that it simply has no equal. Therefore, most players often rush to get this powerful sword as early as possible.

How to get the Double Dragon Sword in Lies of P

Every weapon in the game scales based on three main stats: Mobility (Strength), Technique (Dexterity), and Progression (Intelligence or Elemental). Two Dragons Sword

This katana is the ideal weapon for those who plan to focus on technique as their main stat (agility build). With its fast moveset and attractive design, this katana will make you feel like a real samurai from Lies of P. So, if you are planning to get your hands on this powerful weapon, read on to find out how.

Where to get the sword of two dragons in a lie P

You can only get the Double Dragon Sword if you give Alidoro the Puppet-Eating Green Hunter’s Ergo. You can obtain this consumable item by defeating the boss in Chapter 8, the Green Swamp Monster. The boss is found in the Barren Swamp Nest near the Stargazer on the Barren Swamp Bridge.

After you defeat the boss in the second phase, Ergo the Green Hunter Puppet Eater will be automatically added to your inventory. Once you have it, go to Alidoro and talk to him. He will gladly trade you Ergo for the Sword of Two Dragons.

How to find Alidoro in lies P

Initially you will find the merchant Alidoro near  St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Library in Chapter 4 of Lies of P. He will become your essential NPC when trading Ergos for boss weapons, including the Sword of the Two Dragons.

From the library of the Cathedral of St. Frangelico “The Astrologer” go straight through the corridor on your left. Be careful as you walk down the hallway, as the trap on the ground will activate arrows that will shoot at you if you step on it. Then run past all the enemies until you reach the spiral staircase. Make your way down the stairs until you find the elevator. Take the elevator up to the roof where Alidoro can admire the scenery.

Once you talk to him, you can send him to Hotel Krat , he will appear there after you defeat the boss of chapter 4. From the Stargazer Hotel, run to the stairs and follow the corridor to the left, just before you reach to the stairs. Alidoro can be seen standing at the end of the corridor.

If you submit it to Venigni Works, it will appear in the Workshop Union. From the entrance to the Union Workshop, go up the stairs to your left. Once you reach the second floor, there will be a room to your left and Alidoro will be waiting inside the room. When you talk to him, he will give you two options – both of which will end with him going to the Krat Hotel.

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