How to get the “YOU MONSTER” badge in Slap Battles – Roblox

How to get the "YOU MONSTER" badge in Slap Battles – Roblox

Slap Battles is a chaotic player-to-player game where you use a variety of gloves, each with unique abilities, to demolish and beat the crap out of everyone who stands in your way! The more you slap and defeat players, the more gloves you can unlock in the future. You can even earn some badges along the way, some of which are considered quite secret! Continue reading below for a quick look at how to unlock one of these secret badges – the YOU ARE A MONSTER badge.


How to earn the YOU MONSTER badge in slaps

Before I begin, it’s important to note that in order to receive this badge, at least one member of your server must have the  Bob Glove  , which is unlocked by touching the Bob that appears. from a replica glove.

With Bob’s gauntlet on, have you and your assistant go through  the red portal  when spawned to teleport to  the Normal Arena</strong>.

Now, to unlock the “YOU’RE A MONSTER” badge, your assistant must use his special ability to summon Bob, and then you must guide Bob to the Death Cube located under the SAVE YOURSELF sign . Once Bob touches the Death Cube, he will die and you will unlock the “YOU MONSTER” icon. With ol’ Bob, it’s not so bad at all!

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