How to get to Charybdis in Starfield

How to get to Charybdis in Starfield

The further you travel through the galaxy, the stranger things become. Be prepared, you will have to go through several systems on this journey. Will it be worth it? Well, time will tell, and maybe he will be an aviation pioneer. Here’s how to get to Charybdis in Starfield.


Starfield: How to get to Charybdis

Charybdis is one of the many star systems you can visit in Starfield. Unlike other star systems located quite far from the center of the galaxy, Charybdis is located east of the Crixus system and southeast of the Ixilla system. However, you will probably have to buy a better gravity drive and increase your astrodynamics skill. Although it’s not far, you’ll have to travel through several star systems to get there. Although many star systems appear close to each other, depth must be taken into account, which is not well assessed on a star chart. For this reason, you will have to make a couple of jumps, starting from Crixus and ending with Charybdis. I know it sounds confusing, and that’s because it is.

While there are many other places worth visiting in the Charybdis system, you’re probably visiting Charybdis III because of the rumors that there are some clones in space, including Amelia Earhart, who can be recruited. Well, it’s true, and they are located in the Crucible, located in Charybdis III. Land there and you’ll begin a fairly long quest that will result in you getting Amelia as a crew member.


Whether you want a clone as a member of your crew or not, just remind yourself to upgrade your ship from time to time to reach those star systems that are far, far away. No pun intended.

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