How to get to Muxxalon headquarters in High on Knife

How to get to Muxxalon headquarters in High on Knife

High on Knife is an incredible addition to High on Life. This little adventure takes place two years after you destroyed G3, and in it you have to complete an important mission: track down Knife’s package. You’ll have to travel to Muxalon’s headquarters on Peroxis, which is a long way from your entry point: Salt Lick City. A great adventure awaits you ahead, so try to keep up. Here’s how to get to Muxxalon headquarters in High on Knife.


Arrival in Salt Lick City.

After leaving the portal, you will see Muksalon’s headquarters in the distance. Why didn’t he take you straight there? Well, then, of course, you won’t see Salt Lick City!

There will be a blue slug ahead of you who wants to talk. After talking with him, you will find out your destination: a giant ship on the horizon. He also mentions that only the native Duffalo species can get through here, so your chances of getting into the headquarters will be from the Duffalo Ranch, right before Salt Lick City. Let’s move!

There will be a few enemies in front of the city that need to be eliminated, but I’m sure you can handle it. Visit the City of Dreams if your dreams include giant salt-loving slugs that are slowly dying out and somehow managed to thrive there. You can ignore the town for now and click on the marker, where you will meet a slug who will offer you a brand new weapon: the BALL.

The BALL is an incredible pinball weapon that you can try out on the range. If you want to try to get a high score, feel free. Once you’re done, it’s time to continue on to the Gastripelagos.

Just before Salt Lick City is the Gastripelagos, and you’ll have to follow the marker through a lot of obstacles. The first thing you will see is a purple spire. Get close enough to it so that the game prompts you to press a key or button. Once you do this, the Knife will act as a grappling hook of sorts and you can climb down the spire to the top, where you can jetpack over to the other side of the spire onto solid ground.


Here you will need to use the BALL to plug up the holes in the ground, just like you did at the shooting range. By shutting them all down, the geysers will shoot up with increased pressure, and you can launch a jetpack into them to launch it into the sky. Cross the lake using the geysers and you will have another structure that can be climbed using the Knife. At several points along this path, enemies will appear who will try to destroy you. You can fight them if you want, or just sneak past them. There’s no benefit to killing them, so you can just keep going.

Once you’re on top of the structure, you’ll be able to see a giant green guy in the distance. His name is Toho and he will be more than happy to help you.

Meeting with Touhou

Once you approach Toho, he will gladly send you to Muxalon’s headquarters, but only if you give him a helping hand first. A seemingly calm and collected giant, he will demand that you shake off your “stressful” mood and take a swim in the pool. Highly toxic pool. You’ll have to relax a bit in the pool to calm him down, but you’ll have to stay there longer than your health will allow.


To survive in the toxic pool, you need to spot the yellow and black parasites on his legs and stomach. If you shoot them, they will increase your armor, allowing you to survive much longer. Do a few of these while you’re at the pool and you’ll make him happy. And don’t leave the pool at all, otherwise Toho will be upset and you’ll have to stay longer. Once the relaxation meter is full, he will be happy.

Once he is satisfied, he will ask you to sit on the island and help you. However, this will only happen after you have done him one favor: clean his back of a few more parasites. You’ll need to go around the pool and up the rock to get to the back, but it’s a very simple procedure. Finally, you can return to the island, but he will ask you to clean his ass.

After going through the cave according to the instructions, you will come across… a door. Go through it and you will meet Cheeks. I’ll let you discover it for yourself.

You’ll see Toho’s cheeks on the far walls, where you can shoot some parasites hanging on for dear life. Shoot them down.


You can either stay for the entire show or leave straight away. Toho will react differently to your actions, but both paths have the same result: Toho throws you at the Duffalo Ranch. Either out of rage, or out of the kindness of my heart.

Help the ranch

At the ranch, you will need to go past… Duffalo… and talk to the rancher, as the objective marker tells you. Please don’t look at the animals. That’s rough.

The rancher will mistake you for a poacher, and nothing you say will convince him otherwise. To gain his trust, as Knife collects, you need to kill all the poachers and destroy the poacher king.

This part is completely different, so I’ll just say this: go to the poachers’ base, defeat all the enemies at each intersection and work your way up the building. Your costume and performance at each intersection will tell you what to do. Simply destroy all the enemies and the Poacher King’s office will open. Approach, directing you to the objective marker, and you will see the Poacher King!

It turns out to be a young human boy. Convince him not to poach Duffalo anymore, and he’ll dutifully hand you some poppers.

Take the poppers to the ranch and talk to the ranch owner. He’ll be very impressed by your “betrayal of your poacher friends” and will be reluctant to stand by while you use poppers on Elizabeth Duffalo to hitch a ride. I’ll let you see how this turns out.


I’m catching a ride…

Your final step is here! When you are in Elizabeth, your journey will be interrupted by a parasite. You can say whatever you want here, personally I decided to let the Creature do his thing. It was fun, so I personally would recommend this dialogue option, but I think you can do whatever you want.

After the ride you will arrive at Muxxalon headquarters! Great job!

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