How to get Xenowarfare Tech in Starfield

How to get Xenowarfare Tech in Starfield

Xenowarfare Tech is a piece of contraband in Starfield that you can sell for a lot of credits.

Xenowarfare Tech Location in Starfield 

To acquire Xenowarfare, players should head to the Almagest Casino in Starfield. Seek out the Contraband Cache located on the opposite side of the Jackpot Backend Apparatus. This area also serves as the hub for inputting the jackpot combination and solving the Almagest Jackpot Combination Puzzle.

Navigate to the Nesoi planet within the Olympus star system in order to access the Almagest Casino with precision. Proceed to enter the Almagest Space Station. As you approach the Casino, exercise caution and remain vigilant, as the vicinity may be inhabited by Spacers who occasionally exhibit hostile behavior.

Additionally, when exploring abandoned research facilities, be sure to consistently search for items marked with a distinctive yellow symbol, signifying their contraband nature. Consequently, your likelihood of discovering Xenowarfare Tech will be significantly increased while exploring the Starfield region.

How to use Xenowarfare Tech 

Like all other contrabands in Starfield, the use of Xenowarfare Tech is that you can trade with any of the Trade Authority Shops. You will get a good amount of credits in return. The best thing is that these shops do not judge whether you are a thief or a smuggler. Thus, you will receive no penalties here. 


You may fail to hide Xenowarfare for not having protective items like Shielded Cargo Hold. In this case, you can surrender it to the faction guards. Otherwise, you will get in trouble and must remove your Starfield bounty. 

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