How to Grab, Hold, Drag and Use Physics in Starfield

How to Grab, Hold, Drag and Use Physics in Starfield

One of the coolest things about   Starfield   is that   almost   everything you see can be interacted with. This mechanic gives the game a little more immersion. It’s cool to walk up to an object, hold it in your hands, and see the detail that Bethesda painstakingly put into it.


Overall it makes the world feel more alive and helps you get into  Starfield better. Similar to the Bethesda Softworks game, you can interact with objects in several ways. The problem is that the game doesn’t show you what else to do other than put down your inventory. Since this topic has left the community confused due to this post on Reddit, this guide will show you how to pick up, hold, drag and use physics on items in  Starfield  . 

Starfield  : How to Grab, Hold, Drag and Use Physics 

This mechanic is nothing new in Bethesda games, but as mentioned, it’s poorly communicated. When you look at an object, your first instinct is to grab it and put it in your inventory. This causes the object to take up space, which in turn limits the ability to store important things like Digipicks. Below we’ll look at how to use physics in Starfield so you can easily interact with most objects in the game.


How to interact with objects

Before we go any further, let’s note that this mechanic can be used on both PC and Xbox, the only difference is the input you use.

  • To  save items  on PC, simply navigate to the item, then  press and hold  E. For Xbox on a controller, do the same, however, while looking at the item,  press and hold  A. To bring an object back,  press E or A on the corresponding input you are using  .
  • Drag and drop objects  are just as easy. Press E on your keyboard or A on your controller  to move around using  WASD or the left analog stick  . But don’t forget to press  E or A to release the object  .
  • You can  rotate an object  after you’ve picked it up by using  the left or right mouse button  or  the left or right bumper  on your Xbox controller.

Why You Should Know This Mechanic

Collecting items and looking at them is worth it because you will be a bit burdened, especially early in the game. While you can sell collected junk for credits, moving slowly is always a bad idea. This can happen when you accumulate too much stuff, and in my experience, a lot of it can be due to randomly picking up random items. This mechanic allows you to choose which items you want to take with you for sale or trade. This way, you won’t have to sacrifice space as much.

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