How To Obtain Ghost Walk Amulet In Lies of P

How To Obtain Ghost Walk Amulet In Lies of P

How To Obtain Ghost Walk Amulet In Lies of P

One of those unique amulets that is only available once you defeat particular opponent bosses in Lies of P is the Ghost Walk Amulet. Once you’ve accomplished that, you can use the boss Ergo to trade it in for exclusive goods from Alidoro’s or Explorer Hugo’s store.


In Lies of P, the Ghost Walk Amulet lets you dodge an enemy’s Fury attacks, which might be incredibly useful for your build. These Fury attacks are powerful, very delayed, and completely untelegraphed. They are distinguished by their red aura. This implies that in order to survive boss battles in Lies of P, you would have to learn every boss’s fury strike and time it with your Perfect Guard.


Fortunately, the Ghost Walk Amulet spares you from this trouble; if you are having trouble with their timing, it can ease your workload by preventing such furious attacks.

Lies of P Ghost Walk Amulet location

In Lies of P, the Ghost Walk Amulet can be traded in for the Puppet Eating Green Hunter’s Ergo. Therefore, you must first battle the Green Monster that Eats Puppets. This boss fight is located in Chapter 8 next to the Barren Swamp Bridge.

Remember that there will be two phases to the boss encounter, Green Monster of the Swamp, and that it won’t be easy. You must stay at a distance and do damage to the Green Monster of the Swamp with ranged assaults at the beginning of the battle.


This enemy boss will charge at you when the conflict reaches its second phase and will unleash a barrage of lethal attacks. Thus, you need wait for the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster to finish its attack before timing your counterattack to deal this opponent boss in Lies of P some serious damage. You will eventually be able to severely reduce Green Monster’s health.


Therefore, you can obtain the Green Monster of the Swamp’s Ergo is Lies of P when you have delivered the last blow to it. After that, you have to gather at Hotel Krat to check Explorer Hugo’s inventory or Alidoro’s.


Puppet Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo can be traded in for Two Dragon’s Sword or Ghost Walk Amulet. I would advise putting Ghost Walk Amulet in your cart instead of Two Dragon’s Sword if you are having trouble with fury assaults. Later on, upon performing an NG+ run of Lies of P, you can obtain the sword.

How to use Ghost Walk Amulet in Lies of P

The Ghost Walk Amulet can be chosen and placed in one of the amulet slots in Lies of P once you have paid for it. The amulet will function passively after it is equipped, and activation requires no button presses.


Fury Attacks cannot normally be avoided, therefore your only options are Parry or Perfect Guard. However, now that you have the Ghost Walk Amulet on, you can avoid an enemy’s red fury attack with just a quick press of the dodge key and not have to worry about timing your parry.


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