How To Open The Vault Safe In Payday 3 Rock The Cradle

How To Open The Vault Safe In Payday 3 Rock The Cradle

During the Rock the Cradle mission, you can find and open a safe vault in Payday 3 with some good rewards.

Payday 3 Vault Safe location in Rock the Cradle

Accessing the vault becomes possible once you’ve obtained the crypto wallet. While it’s technically feasible to tackle this step beforehand, acquiring the Crypto Wallet stands as the primary objective, making it advisable to complete this task first. Once you’ve secured the wallet, proceed to the VIP area by descending the stairs.

Next, your goal is to locate the Black Knight room within Payday 3. To find it, simply take a right turn from the VIP area in the basement.

Go to the right inside the Black Knight room and then take the stairs to go down again. Head down the hallway till you see the Maintenance room where the vault safe is located.

How to unlock Vault Safe in Rock the Cradle

To gain access to the vault safe in the “Rock the Cradle” mission of Payday 3, you must acquire two codes, one of which will successfully unlock the vault safe. Both of these codes can be found within the Accounting Office of the club, conveniently located near the Fuse Box you interacted with earlier.

The first code is concealed within a wall-mounted safe. Unlocking this safe involves solving a mini-game, ultimately revealing the code required for the vault safe. As for the second code, it can typically be discovered within the room itself, often located on a chair.

Now armed with both codes, you can head back to the vault safe within Payday 3’s “Rock the Cradle” mission and test them out. One of these codes will successfully unlock the vault safe, granting you access to its contents. Gather all the loot stored inside, and subsequently, leave the club to conclude the “Rock the Cradle” mission.


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