How to pass level 17 in the game “Apeirophobia”

How to pass level 17 in the game "Apeirophobia"

Apeirophobia comes with entirely new thrills and puzzles to solve. If you managed to complete levels 0-10 of the first chapter, you’ll be pleased to discover even more difficult obstacles to overcome in chapter 2. You’ll start by getting past the quick Caretaker in the abandoned hotel to unlock the Storeroom and find the code to proceed to the next level. Continue reading below to learn all the steps to successfully complete this level!


Apeirophobia, chapter 2, level 17 walkthrough

The goal of the first level of Chapter 2 is to collect the key that matches the picture on the wall so you can open the storage room. Inside the storage room is a code that opens the gate on the top floor, leading to the next level. However, although this may seem quite simple, you will have to do it without being caught by the Warden. Here’s what you need to do:

How to unlock the pantry in Apeirophobia mode

Once you show up at the hotel, your first step is to go to the key box on the table and click on it to take one. This is a blank key that won’t unlock anything in its current state, but you will be able to change it, so always make sure you have it before leaving the spawn room.

Once you leave the spawn room, you will become vulnerable to the Overseer’s attacks. To avoid being caught, go into any of the hotel rooms along the way . He will not be able to attack you if you are inside one of the rooms. Listen carefully to the sound of his teleportation. The first sound is a warning and you will have a few seconds to run to the nearest room to stay

How to file a key with apeirophobia

Follow the arrows on the walls to reach the locked storage room. On the wall, just in front of the door, you will notice a picture of a key . You can go to this image and click on it to give the key the correct shape. The key in the picture is the pantry solution. You will need to save each location shown in the image . However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when solving this puzzle:

  • The shape of the key will be random on each playthrough
  • In the image the key is upside down
  •  Grooves have different depths

To properly file a key, imagine that the key is upside down in your hand, as shown in the picture. (I’ve labeled them with numbers to make it easier) and then select the location in the file where the groove appears . For example, in the key image above there is a groove just above the dot, so I would select the first location in the file. The groove has a more defined depth, so I would pick the same spot two more times to get the depth to match. You can file the same area up to three times, meaning there are three depth sizes: one file, two files, and three files.

If you think your key has the correct locations written on it, you can try it on the storage room door at any time to see if it will open. If it doesn’t unlock, you’ll have to try again by going back to the spawn room and getting a new blank key to re-write.

How to open a hotel gate if you have apeirophobia

Once you write down the key correctly and open the storage room, you will see a code inside. This code will help you unlock the gate on the top floor and allow you to move to the next level. Explore the corridors until you find a room with stairs . Go up the stairs and you will find a locked gate.

Here the Observer will speak to you in the same way as at the Storage Room door. Interact with the lock to enter the code you found. If you enter the code correctly, the gate will open and you can walk through it and teleport to the next level.

Don’t forget that the Overseer is on the prowl even when you collect the key or make your way to the upper level. Always listen to his teleportation sounds and keep safe rooms nearby to stay alive. You will have a limited number of lives, so avoid it at all costs.


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