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How to pass No Easy Way Out in Cyberpunk 2077?

How to pass No Easy Way Out in Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty adds a variety of side quests to the main story. After you’ve explored the DLC a bit, Trainer Fred will approach you and ask you to help his friend Aaron. You will find yourself in a very delicate situation. He is cornered and needs help. His life is in the balance, can you help him? Here’s how to beat No Easy Way Out in Cyberpunk 2077.


Guide “No easy way out” for Cyberpunk 2077

Below is a guide to help you complete No Easy Way Out in Cyberpunk 2077:

Start of the quest

To begin this quest, you will need to complete the quest “The Spider and the Fly”, one of the first missions of Phantom Liberty. Trainer Fred will send you a message asking you to help his boxer friend Aaron. Upon arrival, you will see Fred in the center of the battle. If you want, you can bet on the fight with a bookmaker, it’s inexpensive, so go for it!


After the fight, Aaron will sit and wait for you. All he needs is some muscle to get to the ripperdoc. He will emphasize that this is the only one who can help him, his only option. He will tell you how he ran with animals and that they paid for his training and implants. But now he wants to gain independence and truly start his boxing career. He’s got a fight coming up, and he needs this ripper’s help.

Exhaust all possible dialogue options to deeply understand his situation, and then agree to help him. He will meet you at the target marker. When you get there, you may have to wait for him on a bench.

How to get to Damir Clinic

Once you and Aaron are there, he will guide you. There he will further explain that the Animals fixed all his fights. He wants to meet with Damir, since it was he who implanted the blocker in his chip, which he wants to remove, and he is worried that another specialist will ruin the delicate procedure. The animals hold him under their claws; at any moment of the battle they can remotely activate the blocker, and he will fall. He wants to leave them behind.

Having more sympathy for the boxer, you can now freely get to Damir’s clinic. You can approach this scene stealthily or go the extra mile. Personally, I prefer to use the latter approach as my mono wire just gets rid of any threat and if they are a little more powerful then my quick hacks will come in handy. But it’s your V, so you do it. Just follow the marker and destroy all the enemies you come across.

If you’re having trouble, it might be worth taking a hybrid approach where you use quick hacks and stealth to get rid of some enemies, reducing the pressure when you want to shoot the rest. I’m particularly good at this.

Finally you will come across a green double door and Damir will be on the other side. He won’t be happy to see you both. Soon Aaron will twist his wing, and you will have to wait for the operation to complete.

When Damir finishes, Angie, the boss, arrives with her muscles and excuses Damir. You will both talk about Aaron and you will have to make a bold choice in favor of Aaron, considering that he is still unconscious.

What should Aaron do?

Angie will claim that Aaron is still in their debt. She says that if he arranges the next fight, they will be equal. She also states that they never had to use the blocker as in previous fights it always fell when ordered.

Given all the information on the table, she will offer you 10% of your winnings from the fight with Vince if you let it go and let him fight. Your decision will be timed and you better make a choice.

You can either accept the deal and convince Aaron to stop fighting, refuse the deal, or threaten Angie to leave.

If you accept the deal and leave Aaron to Angie, after the fight she will send you 10,000 – your share.

If you refuse the deal, you will have to fight Angie and her gang. It doesn’t have to be too difficult, just come up with a few quick hacks that will make your life easier. On Angie’s body you will find the iconic Level 5 Cheetah power pistol. You talk to Aaron for a bit and you both leave. After the fight, he will text you asking to meet you after he was knocked out in the fight despite his best efforts. When you get to the bar, you find out that he was last seen in an alley with two other guys. You will find his corpse in the alley. The animals didn’t let it slip away.

Angie’s threat will be successful and you will be able to talk to Aaron yourself and tell him what you think he should do: stop the fight for his own safety, win the fight, or leave it up to him. If you leave it up to him, he will decide to stop the fight.

If you tell him not to quit, he will try his best but still get knocked out in the 10th round. At least this way he won’t die and will be happy with his newfound autonomy.

If he loses a fight, whether through your support or his own decision, he will turn to you after the fight. Even though he lost the fight, he will say that somehow he is still in their pockets. Not free yet. But thanks to your help, he has taken a huge step in the right direction. He will also tell you that he coaches a group of kids and that he is good at it. In my opinion this is the best ending. He may not be free, but he has found his calling and is one step closer to independence. After all, as the name suggests, there is no easy way out.

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