How to quickly increase your luck in Anime Champions Simulator

How to quickly increase your luck in Anime Champions Simulator

The Luck stat is one of the most important stats for getting powerful units in Anime Champions Simulator. The higher the value, the more likely you are to unlock a Mythic, Legendary, or Cosmic version of your powerful character. So, how to quickly increase your luck in Anime Champions Simulator? Well, there are several ways to increase your Luck stat. Use the one that seems simple to you and suits your play style.


How to Improve Your Luck in Anime Champion Simulator

As mentioned earlier, you can improve your luck Luck in Anime Champions Simulator in different ways. We have mentioned each of them below.

Item that increases luck

To start, we have the luck boosting item. This is a consumable item that can be obtained as a reward or purchased in the game store for 13,999 diamonds . After consuming it, your base Luck stat will be doubled for the next 60 minutes. I highly recommend using it just before you start opening the orbs. 

Double Luck Event

Developers often release luck-based events that will allow you to increase your Luck by up to x2 until the end of the event. A similar event became available to players two days after the game’s release.

Redeemable codes

Along with these events, the developers are also providing redeemable codes. Players can use such codes to receive free gifts, ranging from tokens to luck-boosting items. Check out Anime Champions Simulator Special Codes for the latest active codes.

Gamepass Lucky and Super Lucky

In the Gamepass section of the game store you can purchase  Lucky (99 Robux)  and  Super Lucky (999 Robux)  bonuses. Each perk item increases your overall base luck stat by up to +2%. So, shell out some money and get these passes if you’re serious about mastering the game.

Luck Improvement

Increasing your luck score to the maximum is necessary before purchasing any of the above products. Open the upgrade menu and see your current luck stat. Increase it by playing the game for the required amount indicated in the menu description section.

Quirk Improvements

Along with Quirk upgrades, you can improve Luck by unlocking  Collector  and  Thief passive traits  for your characters. Once you have units with the mentioned perks, equip them with your main team to see the difference in luck stat.

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