How to read the tome “Necromancy of Thay” to the end – Baldur’s Gate 3 guide

How to read the tome "Necromancy of Thay" to the end - Baldur's Gate 3 guide

Are you ready to experience truly dark magic?

In one of the recent guides, we talked about how to get past the magical Decorated Mirror and get into a secret room where one very curious and very dangerous book with the telling title “Necromancy of Thay” is kept, and then we explained how to open it. Well, in this guide we show you not only how to take possession of this powerful artifact, but also how to read it in order to comprehend all the forbidden necromantic knowledge of the spellcasters of the dead.

It is expected that in order to take possession of such a powerful force, you will have to work hard. Although the tome itself can be found at the very beginning of the game during the quest “Search the Basement”, its true potential (like the book itself) is revealed much later, and all your efforts will only be rewarded in Act 3. Despite this, you can receive from Thay’s Necromancy has some benefits in the early stages of the game. Next, we will try to reveal all the secrets of this sinister grimoire.


Since we have already described in detail how to get to the lair of Ilin Thoth, where, among other things, “Necromancy of Thay” is stored, we will not repeat it. For the sake of brevity, we will inform you that you need to find a secret entrance in the basement under the pharmacist’s house in the Extinct Village at coordinates (X: 32 Y: 380).

Once inside Ilin Thoth’s lair, go to the locked cage to the east. A skill check is required to spot a pressure plate on the floor, which should be avoided if you don’t want to take damage.

How to read the tome "Necromancy of Thay" to the end - Baldur's Gate 3 guide

The door can be opened using the rusty key you might have found in the lab earlier, but it can also be picked fairly easily if necessary. Inside the cage there is a table on which lies “Necromancy of Thay”, but we do not recommend grabbing it right away.

Interacting with the book will activate the gargoyle traps, so it is advisable to disarm them first. Another option is to use the Magic Hand to safely carry the tome out of the trap room.

You can read the grimoire either with a partner with a high wisdom score, or with your main character, if he is also wise enough. Gale is the perfect choice for this thanks to his skills, but first you need to open the book, and for this you will need a key, or rather a Dark Amethyst.


Fortunately, this magic stone, which removes the protective seal from the book, is nearby, but getting it will not be easy.

Having climbed out of the dungeons to the surface, next to the “Extinct Village” rune circle you will find a well through which you need to go underground again. You will find yourself in a cave system infested with giant spiders .

Having dealt with the enemy threat, you need to move to the northwestern part of the caves, to the approximate coordinates (X: -549; Y: -41). There, next to the cliff, you will find the reserved Dark Amethyst.


Now you can finally open this forbidden tome, but this one will also not be easy. You will need to pass a Wisdom check three times in a row, so we recommend choosing a character with a high Wisdom score.

Once the book is opened, you will gain access to the “Conversation with the Dead” spell, but this is not all the knowledge that this ancient manuscript stores. There are still pages covered in incomprehensible symbols, and if you want to get all the benefits of owning this powerful artifact and recoup the effort and time spent, then you need to decipher the book to the end.


You can do this only in the third act, when you reach the Lower City in Baldur’s Gate. There you will certainly come across the Ramazit Tower, where the magic goods store “Magic Supplies” is located.

The text of “Necromancy of Thay” can be deciphered using another manuscript called the “Tarchiatic Codex”. To get to it, you need to get into the cellar under the store, where you will see several doors – we need the one called the “Silver Hand”.

How to read the tome "Necromancy of Thay" to the end - Baldur's Gate 3 guide

Next you will find yourself in front of even more doors with different names, representing a labyrinth. To get to the right place, follow this route: “Evocation” → “Desire” → “Foresight” → return to the original hall and go into the previously closed door on the left → go to Elminster’s Vault. On the pedestal you will find the “Tarchian Codex”.

After passing another difficult Wisdom check and being cursed with Tarchiate Wither, which reduces your character’s stamina by 5 (don’t worry, it can be removed with the appropriate scroll or spell), you will finally be able to read the last page of Necromancy of Thay, for which you will be rewarded with a Danse Macabre ” No, this is not another curse, but a very useful spell that allows you to call up to 5 dead people for help in battle. Now you can consider yourself a true necromancer , if, of course, you aspired to such a high-profile title.

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