How To Respec In Lies of P

How To Respec In Lies of P

The ability to respec your character in Lies of P takes quite a while to unlock but is extremely useful to try out different builds.

How to unlock character respec in Lies of P

The ability to respec in Lies of P becomes available quite late in the game, typically after around 20 hours of gameplay. To initiate a respec, you’ll need to progress through the game and reach Chapter 7. During this chapter, you will confront a boss named Champion Victor, who serves as the final challenge in the Grand Exhibition area.

After defeating Victor, you should speak with Simon Manus, who will entrust you with the Saintess of Mercy Statue Gallery Key. With the key in hand, proceed through the door leading to the Grand Exhibition Conference Room. Once inside, ascend the initial flight of stairs, then veer to the right when the staircase concludes. Here, you’ll find another set of stairs leading downward.

Descend this second set of stairs and make another right turn. Eventually, you’ll arrive at a door that requires the Saintess of Mercy Statue Gallery key to open. Once you’ve unlocked the door, you’ll discover Sophia next to the statue, prepared to explain its function. Approach the Saintess statue and interact with it.

The Saintess of Mercy Statue serves as a centralized hub for resetting your character in Lies of P. Whenever you engage with the statue, you’ll be presented with the option to respec your character. This respec feature encompasses the ability to reset your character’s level, P-organ skills, and Legion Arm. However, in exchange for this service, the statue mandates payment in Gold Coin Tree Fruit for each respec you perform in Lies of P.

It’s worth noting that the quantity of Gold Coin Fruit required for each successive character reset increases, so it’s crucial to either gather an ample supply of Gold Coin Fruit from Hotel Krat in Lies of P or exercise caution and certainty about your desired build before proceeding with a reset of your character’s level or other upgrades.


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