How to Revive Teammates in My Hero Ultra Rumble

How to Revive Teammates in My Hero Ultra Rumble

Reviving teammates in  My Hero Ultra Rumble  is a crucial aspect of the game. When a teammate falls, they will enter a state where they can only crawl and become vulnerable to enemy attacks. Reviving them restores their health and allows them to rejoin the battle. Luckily, reviving a teammate isn’t as difficult as it seems. Here’s how to revive your teammates in   My Hero Ultra Rumble.

What it takes to revive your teammates in My Hero Ultra Rumble

To revive your teammates in   My Hero Ultra Rumble  , you’ll need two key items –   a Revive Card and a Teammate Character Icon  . You can get the Revival Card by collecting three Gray Cards, which you can get by helping civilians or using Large Chests if you’re lucky. Your teammate’s character icon will drop at the location where he was shot down. Once you have a revival card and a character icon, you can begin the revival process.

Reviving teammates in My Hero Ultra Rumble has some drawbacks. When you revive a teammate, their level and items return to normal. This means they will lose all their progress and will have to start from scratch. While this can be a disadvantage, having a full team of three players is often more beneficial than leaving a teammate inactive.


Strategies for Successful Revival in My Hero Ultra Rumble

Reviving a teammate in My Hero Ultra Rumble can be challenging, especially when you’re under pressure from enemy players. Here are some strategies to help increase your chances of a successful revival:

  • Communication  : Coordinate with your teammates and communicate your revival plan to them so everyone is on the same page.
  • Cover and Defense  : Before you start reviving, make sure there are no enemies in the area, or find cover to protect yourself and your revived teammate.
  • Distraction  : If possible, have another teammate provide a distraction or engage the enemy while you revive your downed teammate. This can help take attention away from the revival process.
  • Revive as a Team  : Coordinate with your teammates to revive multiple downed teammates at once. This can enhance your team’s presence and increase your chances of success.

By keeping these strategies in mind, you’ll be better prepared to succeed in   My Hero Ultra Rumble   and emerge victorious.

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