How to Romance Karlach – Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide?

How to Romance Karlach - Baldur's Gate 3 Guide?

This flame-wreathed demoness has a hellish time bomb instead of a heart, but that doesn’t mean she’s a stranger to love.

Karlach is a battle-hardened tiefling warrior who once fought in the endless Blood War and now strives to do good on the Sword Coast. Despite her formidable appearance, she is one of the most positive, cheerful and kind characters in the game, when she is not tearing off the heads of enemies left and right in fits of rage under the influence of the infernal mechanism in her chest, causing an insane thirst for blood.

The Hellish Heart is the source of her incredible power, as well as a deadly curse that we need to get rid of in order to be able to spend more time in her company. If you want to romance Karlach, you will need to constantly cool her explosive ardor with the help of a rare resource called Infernal Iron.


While you can try dating multiple characters at the same time, you’ll still have to choose one in the end, so we recommend not acting like a ladies’ man and staying true to your true love . However, you will have the opportunity to get close to one of your partners (most likely Shadowheart) during the party in Act 1 after saving the druid camp. It is likely that by this moment you will not have met Karlach, so even if you cannot resist intimacy with someone else, in the future you will have the opportunity to break off your previous relationship and devote yourself completely to this demoness.

All characters in Baldur’s Gate 3 have a relationship meter that you need to increase in order to strengthen your bond with your crush and ultimately be able to have a full-fledged romance. In the case of Karlach, you should adhere to the following rules.


  • Take Karlach’s side and protect her from Will in Act 1. Don’t worry, you will have the opportunity to save the lives of both heroes.
  • Invite her to your squad.
  • Behave positively and kindly during quests with other characters.
  • Save the innocent and fight evil.
  • Help animals and the weak.
  • Refusing rewards for quests or helping those in need with food and gold will also earn Karlach approval.
  • Don’t be pessimistic or cruel.
  • Always oppose the cult of the Absolute.
  • Take her on all quests and don’t leave her in the camp to increase her approval.
  • Talk to Karlach whenever you visit the camp to get to know her better.
  • Karlach loves to have fun, so she will appreciate any attempt at humor from you.
  • If Karlach is already in your party by this point, talk to her during the farewell party after rescuing the druid camp to flirt. This option will only appear if she has already formed a positive attitude towards you.
  • Completing the steps of her personal quest will also greatly strengthen your bond.


Before you can romance Karlach, you must complete her quest . Follow these steps before you go too far, otherwise you may miss important milestones in a romantic relationship.

  • After sorting things out with Will and recruiting Karlach, go to the building north of the river where you met her. Defeat Anders and his paladins – they are secret followers of the devil.
  • If Will remained in the camp, upon returning, you must side with Karlach and defuse the situation.
  • You may have to spend some more time with Karlach before she opens her heart to you and explains the situation.
  • After this, you need to find the blacksmith Dammon, who is traveling with other refugees.

How to Romance Karlach - Baldur's Gate 3 Guide?

Dammon is a tiefling blacksmith who can repair the death mover in Karlach’s chest using Hell Iron, an extremely rare metal from the underworld. Be sure to side with the Druid camp and talk to Dammon BEFORE completing the “Save the Refugees” quest. After its completion, the tieflings will leave the grove.

After saving the Druid Grove and repairing Karlach’s heart, talk to her. If you have a high level of relationship, there will be an option to show romantic interest in her.

If you’ve already completed this stage of the game, it doesn’t matter. You can catch up on all the steps above with Dammon in Act 2 if Druid Grove has been saved.

Infernal Iron is extremely rare, but can be found even at the beginning of the first act. You can check out a detailed guide to finding Hell Iron in this article .

After visiting Dammon, activate a long rest. Later you can talk to Karlach in the camp about her overheating problem. Ice arrows, water bottles, or a broken water barrel are all good options to cool her ardor. When Karlach cools down, you can try to kiss her.

At this point, continue to communicate freely and suggest spending more time together. Unfortunately, in the future you will be forced to take a break in your relationship due to her flammability and fear of hurting you.

Even if you have enough iron to upgrade Karlach’s heart again, it’s not worth looking for Dammon again. Proceed through the story as usual until you reach the second act, where you will have the opportunity to contact the infernal blacksmith again.


How to Romance Karlach - Baldur's Gate 3 Guide?

NOTE. When completing the Shadowheart quest, DO NOT kill Nightsong – Karlach will not approve of this.

In Act 2, you will meet Dammon again at the Last Light Tavern along with other tieflings. Give him the Infernal Iron again to unlock the second upgrade. This will lower Karlach’s body temperature to the point where she can be touched – at this point you will be able to hug for the first time.

Activate a long rest in the camp and talk to Karlach. Follow the above rules, develop your relationship further through dialogue, and eventually you will be able to get closer to her.

Since we completed our mission and helped you win the warm heart of this charming warrior, we will deliberately keep silent about further scenarios for the development of events, so as not to deprive you of the opportunity to independently decide the fate of your relationship.

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