How To Rotate Ship Parts in Starfield

How To Rotate Ship Parts in Starfield

To change the overall appearance of the ship in Starfield, you can flip parts as you wish.

Steps to rotate Ship Parts in Starfield

Steps to rotate Ship Parts in Starfield

In Starfield, flipping ship parts is an easy task that can be done by following the simple steps below:

  • Make your way to the “Ship Services Technician,” which can be found in all the big cities of Starfield.
  • Doing so will allow you access to the “Ship Builder Menu.” Select the ship you want to flip the part from the list of ships by clicking “View and Modify.”
  • Before you can flip a ship part, you must add a part. This can be done by selecting the “Add” option at the screen’s right corner.
  • Doing so will get you inside the parts menu, where you must select a single part from the list. After that, the part will start to hover on the screen.
  • You will now have the option to Rotate Ship Parts in Starfield. For that, you need to press the “Z Key” or “A Button,” depending on your console, while at the same time pressing the “Left Click” button on the mouse.
  • Pressing these console buttons will allow you to flip the part in a directional orientation.

Which Spaceship Parts can you rotate?

In Starfield, there are specific restrictions governing the rotation of ship parts, including limitations on the number of rotations and the types of parts that can be flipped.

Regarding the number of rotations, you can rotate a single part up to four times, equivalent to a full 360-degree turn. However, the extent of rotation may be more limited for larger parts, sometimes permitting only one rotation.

In terms of the parts that can be rotated, Starfield confines this feature to select components, meaning not every part of the ship can be rotated. These restrictions primarily apply to critical ship elements such as “Cockpits, Engines, or Gear” parts. This constraint is imposed to ensure the structural integrity of the spacecraft.

Conversely, when it comes to non-vital ship parts in Starfield, such as “Structures, Cargo Holds, and Landing Bays,” you have more flexibility. As mentioned earlier, these parts can be rotated up to four times. Given that these components constitute the outer shell of the ship, rotating them allows for a significant alteration in the spaceship’s appearance.

In conclusion, the ability to rotate ship parts is more limited compared to outpost components, which offer greater freedom for flipping parts in three dimensions.


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