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How to save Barry in Cyberpunk 2077?

How to save Barry in Cyberpunk 2077?

In Cyberpunk 2077  you will find many different tasks, quests and side missions. , and they vary greatly when it comes to difficulty. Some are challenging because of the tasks you need to complete, while others are just downright frustrating. Many of these quests have tricky objectives to complete successfully, and the Happy Together quest is no exception. This quest will be given to you by NCPD officers Mendez and Petrova, who would like you to talk to their friend Barry, your next-door neighbor. Barry has lost his friend Andrew and officers are concerned for his well-being. While this job may seem a little mundane at first glance, it is deeply emotional and can be disturbing to even more emotionally sensitive players. Keep reading to find out how to get Barry’s happy ending and save his life.


Pay Barry a visit

Your first goal in this mission is to visit Barry after Mendez and Petrova gave you the quest “Happy Together”. Knock on his door and wait for an answer that will not come. This is where some players get impatient or make a mistake and quit. You need to stay behind the door for three whole hours – Barry doesn’t want to open V’s door, and he’s extremely stubborn. You can skip ahead by going into the menu and moving the time forward three hours. Knock again and Barry will finally answer and let you into his home. Be sure to ask about how Andrew died and talk about how this man was your character’s grandfather.

Visit Andrew’s Niche

Eventually Barry will tell you about how he created Andrew’s memorial, which he calls “the niche.” You’ll notice an additional objective display, however, if your goal is to actually save Barry’s life then this is definitely not an option. Visit the alcove near the North Oak Columbarium when you have time, but don’t wait too long or it may be too late to save Barry. Return to Officer Mendez and Officer Petrova and tell them about the situation, Andrew’s position, and everything else you’ve learned. They themselves will want to visit Barry and ask you to go with them. This is an important part of the quest and you need to follow them to Barry’s house to progress in it.


Reunite old friends

The last thing you need to do to complete this task is to visit Barry with Mendez and Petrova. Mendez will talk to Barry – through his door – about his own experiences as an officer, and Barry will eventually decide to open the door and let his friends come in to talk. At this point, you’ll be done with the job, and the officers won’t need or want you to join the conversation after Barry lets them into his house. However, this does not mean that your work will remain undervalued. Just remember that today you saved a life and helped old friends heal their emotional wounds and be reunited.

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