How to steal in Starfield

How to steal in Starfield

There are a huge number of possibilities in Starfield, all of which seem virtually limitless in terms of what we intrepid space travelers can do. Essentially, we are invited to become our own characters, with criminal behavior heavily factoring into the equation. This is why players can steal in Settled Systems without relying on random trade and barter with other people in the Starfield.



This may seem harmful to some, but it is very useful for others who just want to get by without much hassle. The act of pickpocketing has been around for over a millennium, going back to the origins of human instincts and behavior. This disturbing activity is possible in Starfield, although players will not be able to take advantage of it unless they do something specific in the game. In short, players will have to learn how to pickpocket in Starfield rather than being able to engage in such activities from the start of a new game.

How to Unlock Pickpocketing Starfield players will be able to start pickpocketing as soon as they unlock the Pickpocket skill in the Social Skill Tree under the Novice category. This makes it easily accessible to almost any space traveler willing to spend a skill point; No prerequisites are required to unlock it. All you need is a spare skill point to spend on acquiring it, which starts with allowing rank 1 to start stealing from people in populated systems.

From there, simply crouch while approaching the character from the side of his six, away from his line of sight. Wait for the Pickpocket prompt to appear, then go ahead and steal everything they have on them. The corresponding buttons are A for Xbox users and E for a mouse. keyboard crowd.

Take it from us as we visited the local coffee shop to steal ammo and credits from Gerhard Pohl. The number of acquisitions was small, but it’s a simple example of pickpocketing after you’ve unlocked Theft.

How to steal in Starfield


His description helpfully reads: “Although it is not entirely noble and certainly not legal, it is nevertheless sometimes necessary to quietly take away someone’s property.”

This is the only way to start stealing from other Starfield characters. Your character will not be able to start stealing if he does not have the Stealing skill from the social tree. Unless you start a game of Starfield as a cyber runner or a gangster, you won’t have that vaunted skill to start the game with as a new character.

Rank 1 opens the door to thieving behavior. It’s vital to achieve this if you want to steal from other players in the game, which is important in some circumstances if you need a specific item or two. This includes snow globe books, loans, locked room keys and more.

To advance to rank 2, then 3, then 4, you will need to constantly steal from characters in the Starfield to increase your stealing skill. For rank 2 you need 5; Rank 3 requires 10; Rank 4 will require 20 to complete a four-rank skill cycle. Level 2 gives 10% more chance of a successful theft; The third rank increases your chances to 30%; Rank 4 is set at 50% and it also allows you to steal holstered weapons.

Expert advice

It’s easy to get caught in Starfield if you try to steal from someone. Authorities can be ruthless forces who are not shy about putting a bounty on your head. To avoid trouble with the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective, use a quick save as if you were addicted to Aurora. In case of an error, you can quickly reload your last save to continue the action; or you can reboot your computer and ignore the criminal activity altogether to save yourself from further trouble.

How to steal without getting caught

While you may succeed at pickpocketing in Starfield, there is a good chance that your chances may not be the best compared to the character’s hidden inventory. When you start stealing, you will notice a percentage next to each available item. This is the likely chance of not getting caught if you decide to engage in a particular criminal behavior.

Therefore, you will need to invest in the stealth skill in the physical skill tree. This is also a beginner skill, so any space traveler should be able to pick it up fairly quickly if they have some extra skill points to spend. This skill essentially sets up a stealth meter for you, which improves through successful sneak attacks on unsuspecting enemies and creatures.

How to steal in Starfield

Be sure to stay within the “Hidden” meter range to stay out of sight. While this is effective for quests that may require you to do some stealth maneuvers, it can be a great addition to your skill set if you want to avoid any interference that could result in someone dying in the Starfield.


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