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How to steal Real Ladette’s painting in Payday 3?

How to steal Real Ladette's painting in Payday 3?

The Under the Surphaze heist in Payday 3 is perhaps one of the most confusing. There are a lot of tasks, and the security around the Art Gallery is very strict. If you’re playing with random people, this is one heist that’s bound to get loud; it is the matter of time. Luckily, you can achieve anything even if your cover is blown; It’s just harder when the cops won’t leave you alone. With that in mind, let me show you how to steal Real Ladette’s painting in Payday 3.


How to steal Real Ladette’s painting in Payday 3

The Real Ladette painting is difficult to steal as you will need additional items to do so. If you’re playing with random players, this is a problem because  the equipment you need isn’t shared  . If the odds weren’t stacked against you, the room layout will be randomized. However, you are a professional burglar; You can handle this. Here’s what you need to do:

Find a flash drive

We have prepared a detailed guide to working with a flash drive, but you can find it in the manager’s account. It is always in the safe on the wall behind the computer desk. Either way, you’ll need the information on the screen, so this room is always worth a visit.


Find a spectrophotometer

Try saying it three times quickly! The spectrophotometer is always located in the server room. Unfortunately, the location of this room is random, like the manager’s office, but it is always on the 2nd floor. Because the spectrophotometer is so large, the burglar who has it keeps it in a duffel bag on his back.

Where is the painting “The Real Ladette” located?

Ladette’s painting can be found in several exhibition halls, and their locations can be viewed on the manager’s computer. One is a fake, and the differences are invisible to the naked eye. You can use a Spectrophotometer to identify the real one, and whoever has one can place the equipment on the floor in front of the painting. After a few seconds, you can check the device screen to see if the image is genuine or not.

Once you are sure you have the correct one, insert the flash drive into the slot next to the picture and claim your prize. Warning:  The flash drive can only be used once  , so make sure you don’t use it for the wrong picture.


If you try to steal the Ladette without the flash drive, you will activate security measures that will burn the painting! It seems a little childish to me in a “if we can’t have it, no one can” kind of way, but that’s why you need all of the above items.

You will take this picture to the roof if you speak loudly. If you’re a master of stealth and have gotten this far without alerting the authorities, you’ll have to cross an area full of pedestrians, so have fun with it.

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