How to Unlock and Use the Item World in Disgaea 7

How to Unlock and Use the Item World in Disgaea 7

Disgaea 7 is the latest game in the series to allow players to immerse themselves in their weapons. The Item World is an amazing way to level up not only your gear, but your party members as well. It might even allow you to learn to stop worrying and love routine. Here’s our guide covering how to unlock and use the Item World in Disgaea 7.


Disgaea 7 – How to Unlock and Use the Item World

If you’re like me, the first thing you do when starting a new Disgaea game is try to find a way to enter the  Item World  . It’s a complex place, endlessly empowering, but also quite dangerous. This may be the reason why it is never available from the start of the campaign. To unlock the Item World and use it to level up your gear and characters, you’ll need to complete most of Episode 3.

Mr Jancy Exit is a saviour.

The world of items opens after completing the mission “Beach with no exit” in the third episode.  The fourth mission in this episode is action-packed. Ceefore  also joins your party after you clear it. When you return to your base,  Pii-Chan  will inform you about the opportunity to dive into the world of items. A corresponding quest called  “Exploring the World of Items 1” also becomes available. If you complete it, you will receive  Mr. Jancy’s exit  .


Whenever you enter the item world, make sure you have Mr. Jancy’s exit item. When you first enter the Item World, you should receive a supply of three of these items. You can use Mister Jancy’s Exit to leave the Item World whenever you need to, as long as one party member is available to deploy at the current stage.

When I’m diving into the item world, I like to always leave one party member at base that can be dispatched in case of an emergency. I never send this character out except for him to use Mr. Jancey’s exit and escape.

Choose your product wisely

When you enter the world of items, start by choosing an item to research. You will become immersed in this item and your progress will allow it to increase levels. Every few levels its characteristics can improve. For example, you can enter a weaker item, such as  Glasses  . At level 0 they typically offer a base stat boost of +7 INT and +7 HIT. At level 101 they offer twice as much.


The equipment you choose determines the difficulty of the floor. This choice also affects how deep you can dive. More powerful gear starts at a higher level and you can dive deeper. The points will allow you to dive a maximum of 10 levels, and the enemies will be weak at first.

Take a look at the landscape

There are many interesting places in the world of objects. The main thing you should pay attention to is  the Pass Gate  , which allows you to move to the next floor without destroying all the enemies on the current level. Sometimes the gate is guarded by a strong enemy, so it is more difficult to rush things.

A few more attractions worth noting:

  • Lucky Board  – Destroy this enemy quickly to gain extra experience, mana, and HL depending on what their sign/board advertises.
  • Level Sphere  – increases the number of levels an item gains as it progresses through stages.
  • Innocent  – When you defeat these enemies, they apply certain bonuses to the current item world, and you can transfer them to other items later.
  • Treasure chest  . The loot you find in chests in the Item World, especially as you dive deeper, can be quite impressive.

When you first enter a scene, the camera will usually pan around to highlight special points of interest. I try to prioritize these resources so I don’t miss them. Sometimes after a few rounds the floor suddenly becomes more dangerous. For example, the enemy can enter the  Jumbified state  . The bosses you encounter every ten floors especially like to do this.

Risk and Reward

You will receive the best rewards when you defeat all the enemies on the floor. At the end of each Item World level you complete, your bonuses reflect your performance. You get extra HL, EXP, mana and even resources for the juice bar at your base. There’s no better place than the Item World to quickly improve your party.

Try to visit at least the first five floors in the Item World by visiting a new item. You will get Mr. Jancy’s exit after passing the fifth floor. Having cleared every tenth floor, you find yourself in  the Innocent City  . Here you can exit the item without using it. If you run out of Mr. items later in the game. Gency Exit, you can always buy weak items and run through their item worlds to replenish your stock.

The Item World contains other surprises not mentioned here. You’ll find characters on some floors between the standard combat zones. They can provide a special event, including a combat one. The deeper you dive into the world of objects, the more likely you are to encounter new problems and opportunities.

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