How to Unlock Cinder Drift FFXIV

How to Unlock Cinder Drift FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV  has always offered players additional content along with the release of new main scenario quests. The Ash Drift is part of the side questline The Sorrow of Werlith, which features its own unique story and challenging combat inspired by  Final Fantasy VII  . This guide will outline what you need to do to unlock Cinder Drift in  FFXIV  .


How to unlock Cinder Drift in  FFXIV: Shadowbringers

The Ash Drift is the first challenge in the side quest “The Sorrow of Werlit.” This content features a narrative focused on Gaius van Baelsar, the antagonist of the base game A Realm Reborn, and explores his backstory. What makes this content so exciting is how it manages to reuse weapons from Final  Fantasy VII  and use them in a way that connects with  Final Fantasy XIV  .

To access this content, you must first complete the main scenario quest “Old Enemies, New Threats.” Travel to The Rising Stones and talk to Creel at X:6.0, Y:5.9. After completing this main scenario quest, you will need to go to Lochs and talk to the Resistance officer at X:36.4, Y:31.8. Take the quest “Ruby Doomsday” to unlock the Ash Drift.


The requirements to open Cinder Drift are as follows:

  • Complete the mission “Old Enemies, New Threats.”
  • Level 80
  • Item level 455

How to unlock Cinder Drift (Extreme) in  FFXIV: Shadowbringers

Once you defeat the Ruby Weapon as part of the Werlith’s Sorrow side quests, you can begin unlocking the extreme version of this challenge. Talk to the War Machine Zealot at X:11.6, Y:22.6 and accept the Weapon of Choice quest. Completing this quest will unlock The Cinder Drift (Extreme).

You can check the requirements to participate in this Extreme Challenge below.

  • Complete the Weapon Selection mission.
  • Level 80
  • Item level 470

Here are the rewards you can get in Cinder Drift (Extreme):

  • Triple Triad Card with Ruby Weapons
  • (1) Ruby Weapon Special Weapon
  • Ruby Guiber Tube
  • Ruby Totem
  • 25 tombstones of poetry
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