How to Unlock Hill Top in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator – Roblox

How to Unlock Hill Top in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator – Roblox

A particular selling point that attracts players to Sonic Speed ​​Simulator on Roblox is how the levels match up to the old Sonic levels. This has never been more true than with Hill Top, which is based on the Hill Top area from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It’s easy to see how this new level takes inspiration from classic Sonic, and even better, it doesn’t require players to search around for long. game.


Where to Find Hill Top in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator – Roblox

For the purposes of Sonic Speed ​​Simulator, Hill Top is essentially World 5. Therefore, players need to unlock World 4 (Snow Valley) before attempting to get into Hill Top.

Once inside Snow Valley, players just want to run to the end of the level. They must find a portal that says “OBBY Hill Top”: this means it is a portal leading to Hill Top. Beforehand, however, players must complete a small level that serves as a bridge between Snow Valley and Hilltop.

There isn’t much going on on this “bridge” to Hill Top; there is just a snowy full pipe that leads to a grassier area with a half pipe. All players have to do is follow the halfpipe to the end and then turn right; the portal to the top of the hill must look them in the eye. Once inside, players will be able to see rails and rings laid out similarly to the Hill Top Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Many Sonic Speed ​​Simulator fans were happy to see Hill Top return to the game. , since in fact this level was absent for about a year. The game’s 1.3 update actually introduced the Hill Top area, but that level was removed in Winter 2022.


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